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Traveling Comparatives
intermediate level


In this lesson students are going to learn about comparatives and practice the language with their friends.


Abc Practice handout
Abc game
Abc Two city pictures
Abc Adjective flash cards
Abc discussion hand out

Main Aims

  • Grammar focus, Lexis, Comparatives

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and using the lexis.


Lead in (5 minutes) • Discussing

I will start the lesson by talking about vacation. Do you like to travel? I love to travel; when this course ends I want to visit some cities in Turkey, but I don’t know where to go yet. I should go to Antalya or Izmir. I will ask students to discuss with their group members and decide a place for me to go. I will walk around and try to listen what grammar they are using. Are they using comparatives or not.

Lexis (10 minutes) • Comparative game

While students are discussing I will place game cards on the WB and divide the classroom into two groups. Each group member will decide which one is the correct answer for the question. They will earn a point for each question they answer correctly.

Introducing the topic (10 minutes) • Analysis

I will give students a HO and ask them to do the first activity. I will check to see if students are able to answer the questions on their own. They need to write the comparative form of the adjectives. In question 1, part b student’s needs to discuss the question with their group members.

Practice (10 minutes) • Work on the HO

Students need to complete the practice part of the HO. When they are done they can share their answers with their friends.

Freer practice (10 minutes) • Students practice language

I will write adjectives and comparatives on a small paper and pass them out the students and ask them to find the matching pairs. When the game and everyone should have two cards in their hand. When students are done I will tell them that my friend is also traveling along with me, so can you think where we can go. Students will work as a group and decide where can we go for vacation.

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