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Present simple (he,she,it) questions and short answers
Beginners A1 level


Abc Handout 3
Abc Handout 5B-8
Abc Handout 6-a

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the present simple with questions in the context of week routines

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide deduction listening practice using a text about a conversation between Carol, Nadine and Tom in the context of week routines
  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation based on questions in the context of week routines


Building context (5-5 minutes) • the context of the listening

I will show a picture of Nadine and write her week routines to elicit the verbs from the students such as: she goes, lives, studies and works. Afterwards, I will show them picture of (when, where, what) drill them and describe them with gestures.

Listening task • To practice listening for detail.

I am going to abstract some sentences from the listening that they will listen to in the vocabulary lesson part.

Highlighting target language. (6-7 minutes) • To highlight the target language so that the learners are focused on it.

I will give students cut up sentences that highlight the difference between the use of 'does' and 'do'. Students will be divided into 2 groups and will have 3 minutes to make the sentences in order. One from each group will go to the board and stick the sentences in their correct order and deduce the basis

Clarifying target language (17-17 minutes) • To clarify meaning so learners understand it, the pronunciation so learners know how to say it and clarify the form so that learners know how to construct it.

I will clarify the present simple with questions on the board as far as its form, pronunciation and meaning are concerned. I will drill the sentences and use the finger techniques for the 's'. Then, I will write on the board a sentences students have to complete it. Students will listen and repeat (CD2 30) to drill the pronunciation. I will give them a handout in which they will have to put a circle on the stressed words while listening to another record (CD2 31) then have a feedback.

Language practice (17-17 minutes) • To provide controlled written and oral practice focused on using the language accurately.

Students will work in pairs and answer questions about Luke and Claire in the handout 3 to practice the language they studied. After, each pair will check with another pair. Then as last activity, students will be divided into group A and group B. they will have the same questions task but the answer is different. I will ask them to work in pairs, AB, AB. As ask the Bs and both answers are going to be different.

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