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Copy of TP #3
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson , Ss will work on the position of adverbs and adverbial phrases based on guided discovery. The lesson starts with a short reading activity and Ss will determine the adverbs and adverbial phrases in the text.Next they will do an activity to find out different types of activity and their names. Next teacher will present some models with association of Ss and make clear points of the positions of different adverbs and adverbial phrases.Later on they have a controlled practice through the grammar of the lesson in the form of a listening activity .And finally Ss will have another activity where they should decide how a sentence should change when an adverb is added.


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Abc Reading 1

Main Aims

  • To clarify and practice the position of adverbs and adverbial phrases in the context of a reading passage about 50 word stories

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide scan and detailed reading practice using a text about 50 word stories in the context of usage of adverbs and adverbial words


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To get the Ss interested in the topic and make them familiar with the theme of the lesson

Ss will talk about different types of stories , Short stories , long stories , novels and...and T will be asked about the latest story they have read.

Pre-Reading , Gist reading (5-8 minutes) • To find the title for each short story

Ss will read each one of the short stories as a whole to get the main idea of the story to be able to choose one of the titles for the story in a limited time.They will check their answers in pairs and finally will be asked to tell the answers to whole class.

While-Reading (10-15 minutes) • Ss will read the passage once more to underline the adverbs and find out which type of adverb are they.

Ss will receive the handout in which there is a table with different types of adverbs and adverbial phrases with the titles of : Time, Manner, Degree and comment. Ss will read the passage once more , underline the adverbs and write them in proper column of the handout.They will check their answers with their partners and finally will receive the adverbs individually or in pairs to decide and stick them on the WB where the same table is drawn by the teacher.The answers will be discussed in class and if any of the adverbs is in wrong column, they will change it and the final answers will be released.

Grammar points (5-8 minutes) • To raise awarness of Ss about certain adverb and adverbial phrases through guided discovery

Ss will be asked to help the T give an example to each one of the " Time, Manner, Degree and Comment adverbs and the form and the place of the adverbs will be figured out by the Ss.

LIstening (14-16 minutes) • To get the Ss familiar to usage of adverbs and adverbial phrases in different situations.

Ss will be given a handout with 6 situations and an incomplete sentence. An adverb is given to any situation.situation. Ss will listen to the audio file and take notes about what they hear and what situation is presented to them.Then they will complete each part using their notes and the given adverb.They will listen once more to check if they have right answer and the answers will be released at the end of the task the answer keys will be handed over to the Ss.

Post reading (5-10 minutes) • The usage and placement of adverbs - controlled practice.

In this stage Ss are presented a handout in which there are 5 sentences and an adverb .Ss will work in pairs to read the sentence and use the given adverb in a proper way in the sentence.As Ss are finishing their task they will come and write the sentence on the Wb i.e the firs 5 pairs of the Ss will write the correct answers as the answer key on the WB..

Post reading #2 (8-13 minutes) • To make sure Ss are able to recognize the adverbs and adverbial phrases and the correct form using them in a sentence.

Ss are given a handout with 10 sentences in which there are adverbs and adverbial phrases.They will underline the adverbs and decide whether they are used properly or not. In case there is a problem, they will have to write the correct form.They will check the answers in groups and the answer key will be given to them later on to check their answers.

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