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fashion, clothes
elementary, face to face, p.44 level


in this lesson the students will learn about clothes. also they will learn how to use usually, sometimes and etc... later they will practice making some sentences using both. they will also learn to use a pair with the plural ones. then they will fill gaps in the last exercise which is about the vocabulary they have learnt.


Abc handouts from face to face elementary

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of clothes in the context of clothes, fashion
  • To provide clarification of singular plural (is, are) in the context of clothes

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of clothes


Lead in( Introduction of New Vocab) (7-9 minutes) • vocabulary

I will show them some pictures regarding the new vocabulary of the lesson to be taught. I will try to elicit the words and ask them to guess their meanings. Later I will ask them to repeat the words after me( in groups and individually). Then write them on the board and ask them to make some sentences with them.

Match the Words Activity (5-7 minutes) • Main aim: Vocabulary

I will ask them to have a look at their handouts, to do "match the words exercise". I will give them some time to do it individually. Later I will ask them to check their answers in groups of three. Later they will come to the board and write them with numbers and the matching letter on the board.

Writing a List (5-7 minutes) • Main Aim: Grammer

Here I will teach them how to use adverbs of frequency with simple present. I will teach this structure in the context of the clothes we have just learnt. They will be asked to write the sentences individually, later I will ask them to check each others' sentences in groups. Then they will read their sentences aloud to the class.

Use of "a pair" (6-7 minutes) • Main Aim: Grammar

Here I will teach them how to use "a pair of" with plural nouns such as trainers or jeans. Also the use of plural and singular verb "is, are". I will try to elicit it from the students. Having given the meaning I will use it in sentences, Then I will write it with some words on the board. In the end I will ask them to make their own sentences.

Giving Examples with Plurals and Singular Clothes (4-6 minutes) • Main Aim: Grammar Sub aim: Speaking

In part 3c the students will teach the difference between plural and singular verbs for the names of the clothes. I will ask them to find the correct form of the verb in the exercises and circle the correct one. They will first do it individually and later in groups. Then I will ask them to read the sentences.

Review of Some and Any (8-10 minutes) • Main Aim: Grammar

In part 4 of their handouts I will ask them to fill the blanks. But before we will have a review of some and any. Also I will ask students how we use them. Then I will elicit some examples and having corrected their sentences I will write the structure on the board. So before we begin to fill the blank parts I will give a review of the grammar they have learnt before and later I will ask them to fill the blanks individually then in groups. In the end they will be asked them to read their answers.

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