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TP3 // Lexis Lesson: Super Commuters


Abc Handout 1- Fill in the gap practice

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of "with, in, and for" in the context of business realted collocations

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and eliciting creative responses using pre-existing knowledge of lexis


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Have learners read the 2 questions on the screen. How much time do you spend travelling each day? If you could choose how to get to work, what method would you choose? Ellicit responses by offering your own experiences, and calling on students.

Reading Task (6-8 minutes) • Expose learners to TL.

Using provided text have students read separately and the push into pairs to chat together using TL. Learners compare answers in pairs, then OCFB.

Teach Lexis (13-16 minutes) • To clarify areas of the target language

Teach 4 vocabulary words from the text. Go over "Linking Words" that were found ini the text and other natural usages.

Practice Task- Fill in the gaps (6-8 minutes) • Check students' use of the target language again and compare with the first test

1- Open the Handout 2-Complete the Handout (fill in the gaps exercise) 3-Check answers in pairs. 4- OCFB

Free practice in pairs (7-8 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target lexis.

Tell your partner about how you get to work. Would you like to work for a multinational? Why? Working with a team? Would you like to work in an office or at home? Would you like to work for yourself? Push into BOR for 5 minutes to discuss.

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