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Reading (The Nature and Human Being)
upper Intermediate, B2 level


In this lesson students will have a reading on the topic of The Nature and Human being. At the beginning I will introduce the concept of Nature and Human's disconnection. Then they will have a pre- reading task(teaching 3 vocabs). After that they will skim the reading and do a gist task. After that we will have some post reading tasks and vocabulary teaching. Finally, they will have a discussion on the topic of the reading (productive skill).


Main Aims

  • Reading (The nature and human being) The students will read some paragraphs on the topic of nature that include vocabularies such as impinge, immediacy,enslaved, conformity, etc.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide an opportunity to speak on the topic of the reading and to teach a few new vocabularies.


Stage 1(Lead-in) (4-6 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and make the lesson interesting for ss

-Use the projector to show some pictures to students, the first pictures are all about nature, clean environment, fresh food, clean water, etc. - the teacher asks ss to talk about the pictures -Then the teacher shows some other pictures (pollution, sewage, fast-food, cities, that shows we are not connected to nature) -The teacher asks the ss to talk about these pictures.

Stage2 (Pre-reading) (5 minutes) • To prepare the students for the reading, to pre-teach some new words.

- I will teach 3 new vocabularies from the text. - I will write the words on the board and show them some pictures and ask the ss to guess which picture matches which word. -Then I will show a page using the projector. A short meaning for each word is provided. They should match the meaning to the pictures. (Check whether they got the meaning.) -WCFB

Stage3 (While-reading) (6-8 minutes) • (gist task/ skimming)

-I will pass out the HO1, they will read the text and decide which argument the author is making. (gist task/ skimming) -Then the ss will check their answers in pairs and the WCFB. -They should say why they have chosen that answer.

Stage 4 (while-reading/scanning) (10-12 minutes) • To read for specific details. (scanning)

HO2- I will pass out the HO2 (after giving clear instructions and ICQs). They will read the text and find the parts in the reading where the author expresses the ideas which are written on the HO2. -Then the check the answers in pairs and after that mingle and check the answers with the other ss. WCFB

Stage 5 (post-reading) (5-6 minutes) • To focus on a few vocabularies from the text (in the context).

- I will pass out HO4, There are 5 definithions here and students have to read the text, find 5 highlited words in the text and try to guess the meaning. Then the ss check the answers in pairs then mingle and check the answers on the walls. -Then WCFB, and after that will work on pronunciation and stress(very quickly).

Stae 6 (speaking) (10 minutes) • To provide an aopportunity for the Ss to speak on the related topic. (productive skill/ speaking)

-Here the students will make groups and discuss the topic below: Do you think people in Istanbul are disconnected from the nature? Discuss the solutions. WCFB

Stage 7(extra activity) (5 minutes) • To do practice the new vocabulary in case of having extra time.

- In case of having extra time we will play the hangman to practice new vocabulary.

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