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Grammar lesson
Pre-intermediate, B1 level


In this grammar lesson, the teacher familiarizes the sts with future time clauses, so called if-clauses through PPP as well as improves their productive skills in the context of "Lifestyle".


Abc If you...
Abc HO

Main Aims

  • To explain future time clauses to the sts through PPP by using Conditional I with if, when and as soon as conjunctions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To improve productive skills of the students and develop fluency as well as accuracy in this grammar point through the topic "Lifestyle".


Lead-in (1-7 minutes) • To get sts involved as well as ingaged in the grammar topic "Conditional I"

The teacher draws a boy, on the right from him a tree, a house, a son and above him the statement: In Ukraine, then elicits from the students why this man is happy and after a few suggestions, the teacher uses a hint. E.g. He is happy because he is going to plant a tree. Why is he happy? What makes him happy? Then the teacher elicits a main model of Conditional i and asks the sts help change its parts. (e.g. If he plants the tree, he will be happy and he will be happy,,,).

Warm-up (1-3 minutes) • To practice a model a bit

The teacher asks: "Do you have the same statements in your country? What are they? Think of them. If not, they just make up one sentence using this construction. WG+a ball

Grammar (8-12 minutes) • To understand the structure of Conditional I

The teacher writes three sentences on WB: If he plants the tree,...; When he plants the tree, ...; As soon as he plants the tree,.. .+Timeines appear on WB by the process of asking CCQS by the teacher. (Will he plant the tree? - maybe; Will he definitely plant it? - No; Is there any chance that he will plant it? - We don't know - relating to If sentence). On the right of the WB the teacher hangs 3 meanings of these sentences and sts have to guess in pairs what sentences they concern to.

Meaning and use (6-8 minutes) • To show the formulae and the meaning

The teacher repeats these 3 meanings of the sentences and concludes, sums up the main idea of this clause+writes a main fomulae. Students individually write their examples and we check them with a ball. Work in pairs with Ex. 1 (adopted from their SB). The student who finishes the first, writes down the answers on WB, Thus, the sts check their answers in a quick way. Then they discuss these statements with their partners.

Productive skills (3-5 minutes) • to improve fluency and accuracy

The teacher divides the sts into the groups of 3-4 and gives them cards with the pictures and sentences. They have to make up right conditional constructions, discuss and swap them with the partner. In the meanwhile, the teacher writes all the mistakes of the students in a notebook.

Productive skills (3-5 minutes) • To elicit the mistakes

In front of the class the teacher shows the cards with the mistakes and the sts have to correct them. The sentences in the context of "Lifestyle".

Testing (4-5 minutes) • To test what the students learnt

The teacher monitored all the lesson sts and wrote down their mistakes. Fill in these sentences in a tic-tac-toe table. Divide sts into two groups and play.

Extra activity • to practice Conditional I

There are matching activities.

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