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My first flat: Vocabulary
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Main Aims

  • To know vocabulary of furniture in different rooms of a house .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To speak about things in the house .


Lead-in /Building context (4-5 minutes) • To generate Ss's interest in the topic of rooms in the house and the furniture inside the rooms .

The T will show different pictures of rooms in the house to link the last lesson's topic . Then ,The T would ask the students about the rooms'names to refresh their memories . Later, The T would try to elicit the word 'furniture' from the students by asking "what do we find inside of tehse rooms? Ss:"Things, stuff" if the students didn't know the word the teacher would give and write it on the board and she would ask "which furniture do we have in the classroom? "chairs,tables,ect" and this would be the transition to the listening part .

Reading and Listening Task (6-10 minutes) • To practice listening for gist and reading for details and specific information .

The T would lead in the listening that is about a girl named Ashley who's talking about her new flat to her father . " Now, we would listen to a girl talking about what's in her room " . After listening , the T would ask a gist question " what's the girl's name? with whom is she talking? .Later ,T would give the transcript to the Ss and ask a question for specific infromation to " underline the stuff that in Ashley's room " then they would discuss it in pairs and later there will be a WCF .

Highlighting target language (8-10 minutes) • To highlight the target language (vocabulary of furniture in the house).

In this stage the T would build on the vocabulary extracted from the reading passage and give more vocabulary in the context of furniture inside rooms . teh T would try to elicit other words from teh Ss "what other furnitures do we have inside the house ?" Ss:"TV,sofa ,ect." the T would divide the class to two groups . Each group has two sheets of papers of different rooms full of numbered furniture to which they match the correct names in 1min . Then ,they will be given the answer key . In a later stage , each member of Group1 will be the teacher of a member of Group 2 and vice versa to teach each other the words they learnt about each room.

Clarifying target language (7-10 minutes) • To clarify meaning, pronunciation and form of the target language

The T would review the vocabulary through a board race game. the board would be divided to two sections and the two teams need to write as many words as they can remeber in their sections in 1 minute . Later ,the T would elicit from the students the reason we use these furniture to see whether they understood or not . Later , the T would drill the words focsing on the word stress . Then T will ask the students to work in pairs to make 3 sentences with 3 different words .

Language practice (6-10 minutes) • To provide controlled and freer practice and use of the target language

The T would provide Controlled practice through Information Gap activity ,and then moves on to a freer practice where they would work in pairs ;one of the pair would describe a room in their houses to his partner to draw it and then check ,and the process would be repeated with the other person ,who was drawing .

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