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Teaching Practice 3
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, ss will group the words given as noun, verb or both. Then they will choose the correct answers for the questions and answer them orally. Afterwards, ss will be introduced the word ''circus''. They will have a small chat about circus and be introduced some vocabulary about an interview which will be given ss to read. They will read the interview and then match the questions with the answers in the interview. This will be followed by completing the sentences with appropriate phrases in the text. Finally, ss will be supposed to find the words which have been mentioned in the first exercise of the lesson.


Abc Reading text
Abc Matching exercise (exercise 8b)
Abc Sentence completion HO (exercise 8c)
Abc Grouping the words (exercise 6)
Abc Circle the right answer (exercise 7a)
Abc Pictures showing the meaning of the words
Abc picture

Main Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about being a knife thrower assistant in the context of circus

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the words which are used as noun, verb or both in the context of word formation


Lead - in (0-5 minutes) • To review nouns and verbs in terms of word formation

T will stick 6 words on WB : entertain - entertainment; buy - buyer ; act - action; cut - cut. Three ss will be chosen to come to the board and categorize the words as noun, verb or both. After ss finishing, T will underline the endings of the words - (-r, -ion, -ment).

Checking and drilling the vocabulary (0-3 minutes) • To make sure that ss will practice the possible unknown words and difference between them and pronunce them correctly

T will show two pictures to define the meanings of 'cook' and 'cooker' and two pictures will be shown make the difference between 'discuss' and 'argue' clear. Also one more picture will be introduced to ss to explain 'excitement'. Finally, all the vocabulary will be repeated after T orally.

Vocabulary activity (0-4 minutes) • To provide ss to be able to categorize the words as noun, verb or both.

Ss will be given a HO to group the words according to their type. They will be working in pairs. After ss finish, the answers will be given by T.

Speaking activity (0-10 minutes) • To provide ss to use the correct form of the words while speaking

Each s will be given the HO and they will circle the correct answer on their own. Then they will ask the questions to their partner and they will answer them. When they finish, T will want them to tell only the words which they have circled such as : 1. interview.

Pre-reading activity (0-2 minutes) • To introduce the student with the topic and set the context

Ss will be shown a picture of a circus. As soon as they say 'circus', the word will be written on the WB by T. Then T will ask ss if they like circuses or not and ss will have a small chat about it. The important thing is T will change some ss' partners in order to avoid speaking with the same person all the time.

Pre-reading activity #2 (0-2 minutes) • to make sure that ss practice the new words in the text before reading it

The meanings of 'knife-thrower'; 'assist'; 'audience' and 'apologise' will be introduced to ss by showing the pictures for each word.

While reading activity (0-9 minutes) • To improve ss's comprehesion of the text by matching the questions with the answers

Ss will be given the interview and read it. Then they will be given questions and they will match the questions with the answers.After finishing, they will check the questions with their partners. Finally, ss will give the answers out loud, T will give feedback accordingly.

While reading activity #2 (0-5 minutes) • To get ss' to do an extra activity to double check their comprehension of the text

Ss will open the folded part of the HO and complete the sentences. When they finish, they will check the answers with their partners.Finally, ss will read out loud the answers and T will correct the errors if necessary.

Post - reading activity (0-2 minutes) • To get ss to discuss on the topic in the previous stages

T will ask the ss whether it is a good idea to be a knife thrower assistant or not and ss will be working in pairs. T will listen them very carefully to detect any mistake of the ss.

Post - reading activity #2 (0-5 minutes) • To get ss to scan the text for the last time in terms of the vocabulary they have checked in the previous stages

Ss will find the nouns and verbs on the list which they have given in the beginning of the lesson by scan reading. Finally, they will tell the answers out loud.

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