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TP3 Towns and Cities
Beginner (A1) level


In this lesson, students will learn the use of "there is/there are" and also their negative forms and the context will be set around the towns and cities. They will work on matching, gap filling, circling the correct word and writing sentences related to the TL. Lesson will start with an exercise to help their understanding of "a, some and a lot" then they will do a related matching group game followed by two gap filling exercises which will be a pair work. After a listening practice They will work on circling the correct word individually and finish with writing sentences about a place they know in pairs.


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Main Aims

  • To provide grammar clarification, practice and review

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give tst semi-controlled writing and speaking to develop their accuracy.


Sentence Maching (9-10 minutes) • To introduce quantities via "a, some, a lot of:

I will demonstrate quantities via drawings on the WB. with minimal TTT and begin a group activity to match pictures with the correct flash cards

Gap Filling (6-7 minutes) • To elaborate singular and plural forms

Students will be given two sample sentences and then they will be divided into pairs to complete a gap filling exercise. There will be 6 possible answers for 5 questions and WB will be used to demonstrate the correct answers.

Gap Filling No: 2 (4-5 minutes) • To review singular and plural forms

The students will be asked to look at the poster of a place in the city of Bath, will be given a gap filling exercise and will work in pairs. The answers will be revealed on the WB.

Listening Practice (1-3 minutes) • To revise the pronunciation of "there is/are" via an audio example.

The students will listen and practice how to say "there is/are".

Circle the Correct Word (9-10 minutes) • To clarify the usage of singular and plural forms (a, an, some, #)

Worksheet will be given to the sts along with a brief explanation. Will be asked to work individually then to check their answers in pairs of 2. They will be asked to answer the same questions asked by the teacher and adopt the answers to Istanbul.

Writing Exercise (9-10 minutes) • To work on writing and speaking skills.

An example paper will be given to the sts written by the T to study the TL. Then they will be asked to create their own sentences individually. They will then form pairs and tell each other about their cities. Finally they will be asked to give one example from their city and tell it to the class.

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