Familly and relationships
elementary level


In this lesson SS are going to do some reading for specific information in the cotext of famillies and relationships. SS will be encouraged to form the " possesove s" rules themselves using the grammar box technic.later on, S will have some practice inorder to memorise the new learned structure. moreover, SS will have a freer speaking practice through telling stories according to the given pictures.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of Possesive 's in the context of familly and relationships

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a freer speaking in the context of popular movies related to familly


Stage One: Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • Introducing the grammar and help ss to build-up the targeted form.

- T tells a short story about receiving a gift from his girlfriend. - T chest the previously read text, then CCQ's: * What was Romeo's girlfriend name? Juliet * Who is Romeo's girlfriend? Juliet is Romeo's girlfriend.

Stage two: reading for a specific information. (4-5 minutes) • To practice reading for specific information, and introduce the target language.

- Pass out HO's, - Have ss working in groups to answer the questions using the slips. - WCFB - T writes one of the answers on WB and highlight the possesive"s".

Stage three: Highliting the target language (4-6 minutes) • To highlight the target language so that learners are focussed on it.

- T writes one of the answers on WB, then elicits the affirmative form. - T asks ss to form a question using the same slips, and working in groups. - T writes one of the answers on WB, then elicits the interogative form. - T CCQ's: is juliet the girlfriend of Othello? No, Juliet is not the girlfriend of Othello. then elicits the negative form.

Stage four: Clarifying target language (10-13 minutes) • Introducing the plural form of the possesive "s", and providing ss with more practice.

- T tells a short story about his parents' vacation to introduce the plural form. - T asks ss to do Ex 2 indvidually, then have them check in pairs. - WCFB. - Have ss working in pairs on ex 3. - Have ss mingling and comparing their answers. - Pass out answer keys. - Regrouping ss according to their height. - T CCQs: * Do You like running? yes/No * Do you like classroom competetions and games? Big yes. - T clarifies the game instruction that: * the attached sentences are wrong * Correct answers are in the next room * Ss will run one by one to pick up only one answer and stick it on the paper, and that the second runner starts once the previous answer is stuck. - SS play the game. - Display the answer key on baord.

Stage five: Language practice. (8-10 minutes) • To provide ss with freer speaking practice and use the languae productively.

- Give pictures of some popular familly related movies. - Have ss taking some notes to form a short story. - T ICQs: are we goig to work in groups? No * Are we going to write a long story? NO, just taking notes. - Have ss mingling and guess each others stories.

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