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Teaching Plan 3 simple past tense
elemantary level


in this lesson sts revise and practice past simple with integrated skills listening and speaking. the lesson will start by asking some questions to warm sts up to the topic.Then,it will continue with pre teaching vocabulary. after that they are going to listen a talk and then read it. Sts will also talk about an important event in their life. i will distribute questions HO to help sts to think each life event questions and answer them. after that, in groups they will tell each other their important event in turns. finally, will give some FB.


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Main Aims

  • integrated skills listening and speaking in the context of past life events.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to revise past simple.


Warmer/Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set context of the listening-Oyinye and her move to Scotland from Nigeria.

i am going to ask if anybody know anything about Scotland to get started and then i will show a map of Scotland after that, i am going to show Onyinye to talk about her move from Nigeria to Scotland so that i will show a map of Nigeria. i will ask question about Onyinye where she is from, where she grew up and where she moved. finally i will ask sts what they think the differences between Nigeria and Scotland.

Listening about Onyinye (3-5 minutes) • To listen and find out the correct answer about Onyinye

sts will be asked to listen Onyinye carefully and then circle the right words on their HO. Once they finished, they are going to check their answers in pairs.

listening for specific information (5-6 minutes) • to practice listening for speaking information

after they have done choosing correct answer and checking and now sts will be asked to listen once again and i will give them tapescript as HO so that they are going to practice listening and they will also read what Onyinye talking about.

controlled written practice (5-8 minutes) • to help sts to think an important life event in their life.

i will write life events such as get married, get a new job, have a baby etc on WB and then i will ask sts who wants to talk about these event so that i will give HO written some questions about these life events that they are going to talk about in pairs.

freer speaking activity/ group activity (8-10 minutes) • to give sts personalized speaking practice.

sts will talk about an important event in thier life in groups. e.g. get married, get a new job, went on a trip etc.

speaking activity (10-12 minutes) • to help students to talk about their life events in the past by using simple past.

after they answered their questions, now sts will ask their questions to elicit answers and learn more about each other.

feedback (2-3 minutes) • to help sts to correct their mistakes.

if it is necessary and also if there is enough time i can make drilling to let sts repeat the verbs and irregular verbs to help them do a little bit more practice and also correct their pronunciation mistakes if they make while they are speaking.

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