Pre Intermediate level


It's a lesson based on 2 reading 1 for gist and specific information and the other based on general information while there is another reading related to the second reading that has been proposed for jigsaw practising, along some useful vocabulary which are about household chores follow up by speaking and listening activities which ss should propose some other chores. in the following, Ss will find specific info about the number of calories that some activities burn, then there is a general reading which should be done while ss are grouped, one group should read about Manual a person who walks on the treadmill and the other is about a man who does another activity to lose weight. If there is time students can do this activity as jigsaw then SS can discuss their answer and look around to find the answer on the wall, the lesson will be finished by talking about the habit and use some vocabulary and phrases which use to show the regularity of an activity it follows up with a speaking which ss should write 6 true and false sentences about their habit and discuss about that


Abc Doff, A. & Smith, H. (2012) English Unlimited Pre-Int TsBk Cambridge
Abc Tilbury, A., Clementson, T., Hendra, L.A. & Rea, D. (2012) English Unlimited Pre-Int SsBk Cambridge

Main Aims

  • Reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary, Speaking,


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I'm going to show ss 3 pictures about the activities we do outside of the house to burn some calories and elicit from students the name then I will come up with some other pictures which are about the things we do in the house to introduce the new vocabulary that is CHOREs by eliciting from SS to find the correct vocabulary

Pe teaching vocabulary (6-8 minutes) • To provide students to use these vocabulary related to the topic

get ss to show the pictures about house chores, Ss will be asked about the meaning by eliciting from Students, vocabulary will be drilled and modelling for ss to know the pronunciation then they should match them with the prepared pictures related to the topic. however, it follow-ups with a listening ss should listen to know how to make thises phrase like Doing THE DUSTING or CLEANING THE WINDOW then there is a speaking that student will be asked whether they like these household chores or not and who does the different chores in their house.

Reading (3-5 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed, deduction and inference reading/listening tasks

It's a reading for gist and specific information. Some numbers will be shown to SS to guess what are they.and then they should find in the reading which 3 chores burn more calories compared to some other activity like swimming etc

Reading (10-15 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

There is a reading based on general information, also there is another reading on page 124 for general information related to the pictures if there is time 2 pictures will be shown to guess who they are and what they do then SS will be grouped in 2 or 4 (depending on the number of students) to read two different stories and find the answer of prepared questions to discuss in their groups or pairs afterward ss will regroup again to tell their different stories and discuss which what they think about these idea told in those article,Finally the should stand up, look around and comapre their answers with answer key installed on the wall.

Pre-teaching Vocabualry (5-5 minutes) • to get SS involve with new phrases to talk about habit

By eliciting ss will be asked to guess some synonym from usually, phrases when we are talking about how often and how long. then SS should find the answer in pairs.

Writing and speaking (8-10 minutes) • To write about habits and get involve with speaking

SS should write 6 sentences individually 4 true and 2 false, work in pair and they should guess which is true or not, before that ss will be shown some prepared sentences to know the procedure. SHE USUALLY GOes OUT WITH her dog He tends to eat pizza when he gets up in the morning I normally fly to the blue sky and talk with some bird

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