Fateme Fateme

Lesson plan 4
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will be able to make arrangement, referring to dates and fixed-plans.


Abc Books exercises and also some self-designed practices

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Conversations in the context of Travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of be going to in the context of plans and arrangements


building-up rapport (0-3 minutes) • to break the ice

• Ask Ss how they are and if they are energetic enough to continue the class:

Lead-in • to engage Ss and expose them indirectly to the topic of dates in English

· Ask them if they are good at remembering birthdays as I have forgotten my best friend's birthday. · give Ss a small hand out and ask them to ask and answer the questions · Make 2 groups of A and B · Ask ICQs · Model one example with a student · Ask on feedback

Controlled practise (6-9 minutes) • to enable Ss  talk about dates

· Ask Ss to do the exercise 1a · ask on feedback

Reading one (9-10 minutes) • to make Ss be curious about the text

• Write down some incomplete sentences and ask them to complete them such as '' Lily and Ben are …………… who want to meet up after a long time. So, they decide to meet in a ………. . Ben is currently working in a …………… and Lily wants to visit Budapest because of her …………… which is next week''. • Ask ICQs • Ask them to share their answers with their group mates • Give Ss the reading in some individual paragraphs which they should put them in correct order. • Ask on feedback and check if Ss in previous parts guessed correctly or not.

Reading two (15-23 minutes) • to give Ss a chance to scan the reading for some specific vocabulary

• Write down 6 words of exercise 1d under three columns with Titles of green, orange, pink and also stick 6 definitions in green, orange and pink on the walls of the class. Ask them to match the words with the meanings in groups • Ask ICQs • Ask on feedback

freer practise (25-32 minutes) • to give Ss a situation I which they can arrange a meeting and meet up

• Give Ss some pieces of paper which include information about the date, location and means of transportation of a friendly reunion • Ask Ss to make a conversation by using the new words previously taught • Ask ICQs • Ask on feedback

error correction (36-30 minutes) • to correct Ss' mistakes and praise the good examples

• Board the mistakes and ask them to find the mistakes in groups. Praise good use of language as well.

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