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İrem Aydoğdu's TP3
A1 Beginner level


In this lesson, Ss will review the technology vocab such as computer,printer etc. and then do some listening exercises. They will learn present simple and its negative form and some controlled and semi controlled exercises. Finally they will get some feedback about their errors.


Abc Are you a technologywizard?
Abc Technology and You

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of negative form of present simple in the context of technology

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information, detailed and deduction listening practice using a text about technology at work in the context of technology life
  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a board game in the context of technology


Warm up - Lead in (5 minutes) • To review technology vocab and prepare Ss for listening session

Put pictures of a computer, a mobile phone, an email, a website, a digital camera, a printer, a fax machine and an Mp3 player on the board. Ask Ss ----> Do you use a computer at work ? and ask other devices to different Ss.

Listening (10 minutes) • To teach listening skills,to present useful language in context and o serve as a model for speaking activities

To introduce Listening worksheet - in this listening a man and a woman talk about technology at work To say Ss---> Listen and tick words you hear and mime ( hear& mark ) CCQ: Do I check ✔ what I hear ? YES Do I check ✔ what I don't hear ? NO X Give them 1 min to check the answers with their partners. --- To introduce them the 2nd listening activity in their worksheet- The same dialogue will be appeared in their exercise To tell them 1st---> read individually and to say they will mark TRUE or FALSE show them in the paper ---> listen and write TRUE or FALSE To want them to check answers with their partner To ask one S what is number 1 ? etc... and repeat after him or her to proof it is the correct answer.

Grammer (15 minutes) • To teach Ss the negative form of Simple Present Tense and To give chance them to practice on task based exercises.

To write example sentences on the board and want students to find the correct form of that sentences such as don't or doesn't He doesn't use digital camera at home I don't have an email adress at work She doesn't use a fax machine at home John and Linda (they ) don't have a website I and my friend(we) don't have a printer ----- To give them worksheet and want them to complete exercise 1 & 2 To give them 2 min to check with their partners for each exercise

Post- Listening and Grammer (15 minutes) • To encourage Ss to practise what they have learned during the lessson and To provide Ss speaking comprehension

To introduce Ss the board game Put a table into the middle and demo it- mime some time ----choose one S to come near me - throw a dice and start to play-- when I reach one of the box I should create sentences(negative or positive) If the sentence is negative move back 1 box and the sentence is positive move forward one box explain what it means miss a turn - it means you will not say anything and have to wait ICQ- Do I go back for negative sentences ? YES Do I go forward for positive sentences? YES Do I play when I see 'miss a Turn'? NO ( show with your thumb) ---- and give Ss number 1-2-3 and want them to come together as a group --Hand in the game sheet and say 'start' --- During the game T monitors Ss and write sentences with an error In the end of the game , T will write some errors on the board and want Ss to correct it.

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