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Adv 1 Unit2 revision
Advanced 1 level


students will revise grammar and vocab from unit2 and write a short test


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Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of metaphors in the context of U2
  • To provide review and practice of Verb patterns and conditionals in the context of U2

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation


Warmer (20-20 minutes) • To get students interested and practice vocab from U2

1) Ss work in pairs, guess the phrase that the partner is describing 2) Discuss the statements in pairs Fdbk on content

HW check (5-5 minutes) • To controll/check that ss do their HW

Ss discuss some qs about Sillicon Valley episode 3

Lead-in (10-10 minutes) • To raise ss interest to the lesson

1) What will we do today? (revision) 2) Discuss what u think about the statements FDBK on content

Grammar 1 (10-10 minutes) • To revise verb patterns

Fill in the rules with underlined examples WS ex 1 Pair check/ OC fdbk

Grammar 2 (30-30 minutes) • Revise conditionals

1) Discuss whether the statements r true for u or not WS Ex2 2) a) Elicit some opinions about sent 7 b) what kind of sent is it? (cond) c) how many parts do cond sent have? (2) d) how many cond do we know? (5: 0-3,mixed) 3) Find examples of those cond and write the formula in the space WS Ex3 fdbk: pair check, OC PPT 4) make your own examples, share with your partner

TEST (35-35 minutes) • To check to what extend ss mastered the material

1) Test 20 min 2) Check each others work with key (10min) 3) FDBK (ask questions) 4) Error corretion on common mistakes (5min) HW: WS Ex5-6

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