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TP 2
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn about how to deal with misunderstandings


Abc handouts
Abc projection
Abc phone conversations
Abc listening text

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a phone conversations in the context of misunderstandings

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed listening practice using a text about telephone conversations in the context of misunderstandings


Video "We're sinking!" (5-8 minutes) • To get the students's attention and to make clear, what a misunderstanding is.

Before I show the video, I will ask the ss to watch it carefully and to tell me later, whether there was a misunderstanding or not. (Questions after the video: "Was there a misunderstanding?"/"What happened?" / Why did it happen?" / "Where is the coast guard employee from?" Then I will ask them, if anything similar ever happened to them; I'll pair them and tell them to exchange their experiences. (They will have 2 Minutes to do this)

Introducing new vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • To prepare the necessary vocabulary for the next task

I will show them the pictures and tell them a little story so they memorize the vocabulary easily. 1) (picture of Beyaz): Who is this? What is his job? Where is he working?-tv host. Now today is his birthday. 2) (picture of a birthday cake): What do you do on your birthday?-celebrate And then all of a sudden the phone rings. 3) (Picture of an Oscar) "What is this? And what do we call things like the Oscar in general?-nominated for an award. He is nominated for an award!!! 4) He invites all of his friends into a restaurant to do what? To celebrate (ICQ)! What do they celebrate? (Why do they celebrate? Because he's nominated for an award! (ICQ) What do we call a person who likes to invite other people?-generous. 5) So after dinner he puts out his wallet and...? . (picture of someone paying a bill) What does he do? Why does he pay for everyone? (ICQ) That's right, because he is a generous person!

Projection of the Letterman / Lenno misunderstanding picture (2 minutes) • To make them predict/assume what is going to happen in the story

I will project the picture in the textbook on p.38/1A on the board.I will ask the ss what they think happened here and what the problem is.

Letterman/ Lenno text (5 minutes) • to give them a general idea of the topic (gist reading)

Before I hand out the first part of the story (text 1a on p.38), I will tell them that this is not the whole story. I will ask them what they think is most likely going to happen next. I will make sure they only use their gist reading skill, so I will give them a time limit of 40 seconds. I will distribute the HO and ask them to begin. To make sure they understood, I will ask them the following questions: "How many people were celebrating in the restaurant?" / "Why were they celebrating?" / "Who went to pay the bill?" The I'll nominate a ss to share his/her prediction.

Second part of the text (2-3 minutes) • To make the ss understand the whole context

I will ask them the following questions: 1. Who actually paid the bill? 2. Why did he pay it? 3.How much was it? 4. Was Johnny Carson angry about the misunderstanding? then I will give them the rest of the story (p.160) and tell them to read it within 10 seconds. After that,I`ll ask them again.

speaking part (10 minutes) • to check if the ss understood and pronounce the new vocab correctly

I will ask the ss to turn their HOs around and then I project the vocab. box (p.38/1c) on the board and tell the ss to now retell the story. Then I ask one or 2 of the stronger ss to retell the whole story.

Vocabulary Exercise (5 minutes) • To test if the ss use the vocab. in the right context.

I will project the task (p.38/2a) on the board an we`ll do 1 example togehter. Then I ask the ss to do it alone. They will have 2 Minutes. After that, they will cross-check their answers with their neighbours.(1 Min.). I will ask some of the students if they know some of the expressions in bold.

Phone Dialogues (4-6 minutes) • Scan listening

I will ask them to listen carefully to call no. 1 considering the following questions: 1. Who did the woman want to speak to? 2. Who did she spoke to? Then I will interrupt the record and ask them again. If needed, I´ll play the call again. If they answer correctly, I´ll ask them to listen to the next phone call considering these questions: 1. How did David make his hotel reservation? What hotel does he want to stay in? Now I´ll play the next call. Then ask the questions again. If necessary, I`ll replay the call.

Listening check (4 minutes) • To check if they understood the listening text

I will project the handout, we`ll do 1 example together and then I ask them to do it alone. (2 Min). Then I ask them to cross-check with their neighbours.

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