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Request and Offers
elemntary level


In this lesson, students learn about requests and offers. Students are to learn about vocabulary of food and drink. They are going to review the present simple in case of asking about prices using "how much".


Abc Handout
Abc Handout

Main Aims

  • Functional Language

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening and speaking


Warm-up (2-3 minutes) • to provide an active beginning to the lesson.

-Show the Ss a video of an English language learner trying to pronounce "I would like to eat a Hamburger .

Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to activate SS schemata about foods and drinks and provide an opportunity for learners to talk about their own experience.

- Ex.1 p34, Ss discuss their eating habits in groups. - Ss talk about their favorite restaurant and what do they eat there.

Listening (4-6 minutes) • to give practice in listening comprehension.

- In ex.2, Ss listen to the answerphone message. Choose the correct information. - Ss check their answers in pairs. - In Ex.3, give Ss time to read the sentances and then Ss listen to a phone call. Decide if the information are true or false. - Ss check their answers in pairs.

Controlled practice (9-15 minutes) • to give practice in oral fluency.

- In Ex.5 , Ss take turns to choose something from to eat and drink from the menu. - Model and drill the prices. - In pairs, Ss ask questions with "How much". - Check Ss' understand the other food vocabulary on the menu. - In Ex.6, Ss listen and fill in the gaps with words from the box. - Check answers with the class. - Ss listen again and highlight the pronunciation of " would you". - In Ex.7, Ss work in pairs to complete the conversation using question 1-4 from 6a. - Ask Ss if they can guess the meaning bill from the context. - Ss listen and check their answers.

Functional language (5-7 minutes) • to encourage Ss to deduce the meaning and use of language from context.

- In Ex.8, Ss work in pairs and complete the rules. - Give Ss Answer key to check their answers - Check Ss understand that 'd= would in these phrases. - Check Ss understand the difference between "I like" and "I'd like". - Ss work on their own and underline three more requests in 7a). - Check answers as a whole class.

Controlled practice (12-15 minutes) • to focus on pronunciation.

- In ex.9a, play the recording and Ss notice the stress pattern, highlight the high pitch and the rise on 'please'. - In Ex.9b, Ss listen to the recording and and decide which is more polite. - Check answers as a whole class. - In Ex. 9c, Play the recording and ask students to repeat. - Check that Ss copy the polite intonation pattern correctly. - Play the recording again if necessary. - If time allows, Ss in groups practice the conversation in 7a until they can remember it.

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