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TP 7- A letter of apology
Upper Intermediate, B2 level


In this lesson ss will work on reading as a main aim and speaking as a sub aim. They will have a text about a thief who is sorry after 7 years and sends a letter of apology to the victim. I will tell a short story of mine as lead in and they will discuss their own stories in pairs. Then I will pre-teach some vocabulary. After that they will read the text quickly and do a task (skimming).Then they will read the text for more detailed information(scanning). Finally they will have a discussion on a topic related to the reading(productive skill-speaking).


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Main Aims

  • READING: To provide gist (skim) and detailed (scan) activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • SPEAKING: To provide an opportunity to speak, the focus is more on fluency


Stage1/Lead-in (10 minutes) • To prepare agood context and lead in for the reading and teaching a few new words.

- I will write the words 'apology' and 'apologize' on the board and ask the ss 'Why might you apologize?' -Then I will tell a short story 'the last time that I apologize', I will use the new words in the story and put the words on the board. I want to provide the context for teaching the new words, and it will be a good lead in for reading as well. - I will pass out HO1 and ask the students to match the new words with their meanings. Then I will ask them to check the answers in pairs. And finally they will check the answers on the board, and we will have a quick drill on pronunciation and stress. -After that I will ask them to work in pairs and talk about the last time that they apologized. - I will ask 2 or 3 ss to talk about their partners' last apology. -Then we will go to the reading. :)

Stage2/Skiming (5 minutes) • To provide a gist activity (skimming)

-I will pass out HO2(reading) and ask the ss to read the text in 2 minutes and tell 'who apologized to whom and for what?' - Before passing out the HOs I will give a simple and clear instruction and will emphasize that they have 2 minutes to read and find the answer! -Then they will check their answers in pairs and finally the WCFB.

Stage3/scanning (8 minutes) • To provide a detailed reading activity (scanning)

-I will pass out HO3. They will read the text and put the events in order. One event didn't happen in the story, they should cross it out. -Then they will check their answers in pairs and finally they can find the answers on the board.

Stage4/more detailed scanning (12 minutes) • To provide a more-detailed reading activity.

-I will pass out the HO4. The ss will read the text again and search for some details and answer 5 questions and give reasons for their choices. -Then they will check their ansewrs in pairs. -After that they will mingle and check their answers with the othess.Here I may stop the activity by playing a music for a few seconds. And finally the WCFB

Stage5/ speaking (10 minutes) • To provide a productive activity (speaking)

- In this stage ss will have a speaking activity.After regrouping I will pass out the HO5 and ask them to discuss the three topics given in their groups. I will monitor them while speaking and help them with error correction and finally the WCFB.

Stage6/Extra • To have an activity in case of having extra time.

- In case of having extra time we will play the hangman to practice new vocabulary.

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