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It`s written in the cards. (Speaking and collocations)
Elementary level


In this lesson the students will practise semi-controlled and free speaking skills (productive skill). They will also fulfill some listening tasks, revise the grammar (Meaning, form and pronunciation of Be going to). They will interview each other about their future plans using Be going to. The last part of the lesson is role-play in pairs. The students will be given cards, one of them will be a fortune teller and the another one who wants to know about his/her future.


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Main Aims

  • Practising speaking skills; Clarifying the phrases

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening; Grammar (Be going to)


Lead-in (5 minutes) • To stir up interest in students

Presenting the realia (one of my peers will be dressed up as a gipsy woman). The ss should answer the following questions: How do you think who is she? What`s she doing? Eliciting the words: Fortune telling-predict the future Fortune teller-a person who predicts the future

Answering the questions (5 minutes) • Short discussion about the topic

Students in pairs will discuss the following questions: Do you believe in fortune telling? Have you ever been to a fortune teller? How do you think why do people go to fortune-tellers?

Whiteboard activity (15 minutes) • Clarifying the phrases

I will get the students elicit the certain phrases by giving them clues and definitions. For instance, I tell the students: When everyone knows you and you are very popular this means that you are......eliciting the phrase To be famous... When you change your workplace this means that you.........get a new job etc...

Listening for specific information (10 minutes) • Answering the questions

Focusing on questions of the two listening passages. I will turn on the CD twice in order to be more understandable for students. Get SS to answer them in pairs and then check answers. The answer key and questions will be provided on the screen.

Revising grammar (5 minutes) • Revision of MFP of Be going to

Revising meaning form and pronunciation of be going to. Providing two marker sentences on the board and asking the concept check questions: Are we talking about the future? (yes) Is this a plan? (yes) Did I decide now or in the past? (in the past) Are we making a guess? (yes)

Speaking (8 minutes) • Revising going to for plans

On the whiteboard I write the following prompts: AFTER CLASS NEXT WEEKEND TOMORROW NIGHT NEXT SUMMER Get ss ask each other in pairs What are you going to do.....? and the prompts.

Role play (12 minutes) • Practising the phrases and speaking skills

Get the students in pairs. Each will be given 10 cards with the phrases on the back. One of them will be a fortune teller. They choose only 5 cards, a fortune teller tells his/her partner about his`her fortune.

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