Neda Neda

intruducong prepostition pf place
A1 level


Main Aims

  • To provide the Ss with the necessary information in order for them to improve their knowledge of the usage of prepositions of place

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency


Warm Up and Lead-in (7-10 minutes) • to warm up and preteach prepositions of place

To introduce some of the prepositions and warm the class up, a listening task will be used. The level of comprehension of the Ss defines the number of the times the listening will be played.

Presentation and Practice of prepositions (10-12 minutes) • Help familiarize the Ss with the prepositions that will be taught in the lesson

The Ss are shown specific places in Istanbul with a favorable character situated in them. They are then asked to make sentences about this situation, using the correct preposition, which will be introduced to them in case they do not come up with it on their own.

Production and Speaking Practice (22-25 minutes) • Use their newly learned knowledge to solve tasks

The Ss are given handouts. They are then set in pairs and all the pairs asked to do the exercises on the handouts using their newly learned knowledge of prepositions. Another handout is given to the students containing a conversation with missing words. The blanks will then be filled by the students. Afterwards, the Ss will be shown the pictures of the specific locations in Istanbul with that favorable character again, and they will be asked to make a conversations similar to the one on the paper, using the situation in the picture. To sum up all the information taught and concept check the learners' gain of the different segments of today's session, a designed board game will be played until the class is dismissed.

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