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Mood Food 1 B
Intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • Grammar - Present simple, present continuous - action and non action verbs

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening and speaking in the context of food


Warm-up (10-15 minutes) • Speaking

- I will talk about a recent restaurant i went to and what experience i had there good or bad. - Ss will then tell me theirs. - Then we will ask each other questions about restaurants.

• Listening and reading

- Then i will get her to quickly read the text. - Then listen to the interview and number the photos from one to ten. - Then she will listen again and tell me why he mentions each thing.

• Listening

- Then the Ss will Listen to part 2 of the interview and answer the questions together.

• Grammar

-Then i will get her to do the activities about present simple and continuous and action and non action verbs. -Then i will get her to express her opinion on certain facts. - Then again we will listen to people discussing one of the facts and Ss will tell me who they agree with and why? - Then she will express her opinion on 2 facts herself using useful language.

Family Life 1B • Warm-up

- I will get the Ss to look at some photos of family and get them to identify the whats happening in each one and what relationships they have between them. - Then we will do an activity where she will explain the differences between to pairs of family members.

• Vocabulary and reading

- I will first pre-teach key vocabulary - I will get the Ss to quickly read the text and try and guess where each percentage goes. - Then Ss will listen and check if there guess of statistics were correct or not and tell us how it differs in there country.

- Then in pairs we will discuss what we think about certain facts related to families and give reasons with useful language.

• Grammar - Future forms

- I will then get the Ss to listen to 3 dialogues between family members. - Ss will identify who is talking to who and what they are talking about. - Then i will teach the Ss the difference between going to and will. - I will then give her gap fill exercise. - Then i will get het two tell me two sentences with going to and two sentences with will.

- Then i will do some quick intonation practice with the Ss. - Then we will ask each other questions and i will receive feedback of what she has learnt in that lesson.

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