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there is/ there are
Elementary level


In this lesson students will learn about there is and there are through guided discovery. Lesson starts with a discussion about what they see in the pictures. This is followed by a gist reading text. And finally there are controlled and free practices.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of there is/ there are in the context of house

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about house


lead in • to provide awareness to the grammar topic

- T shows a picture - asks students what they see. - SS may tell the names of the objects only - T elicits There is / There are -T shows 2 more pictures. - ss discuss in pairs about what they see. - Some SS tell T what they see using the TL

skimming • To provide controlled practice on the text after reading the text in detailed

T gives a Ho about Mr. Smith`s house. asks them where the house is located how many bedrooms it has how many bathrooms it has

scanning • to provide reading skills and awareness to "there is and there are, there isn`t and there aren`t

T tells SS to keep the same text tells students that they are going to read the text to answer the multiple choice questions. T asks " why do we read?" T asks "do we need to understand the whole text?" T gives two minutes to read and answer the questions T asks students if they should read fast or slow T tell students to answer the question individually T asks " do we show our pages to our friend? after finishing T gives the answer key and students check their answers in pairs.

Highlighting target language • To intruduce students to there is and there are and have them practice within the context of house

T projects a Ho in which the rules are given. T elicits the rules. ss find out the rules . T gives pronunciation tips ( there is "theres", there are "therra" SS repeat.

Clarifying Target Language • to provide clarification to the grammar

T gives a Ho T asks student when we use there is and when we use there are T asks ss to complete the ho individially T asks students if they are going to show their papaer to their friends. after completing ss check each other's answers ss tell T why they wrote there is or there are on the HO.

language practice • to provide practice of "there is/ there are- there isn't/ there aren't"

T gives a Ho ss wors in pairs T asks them to ask questions like given and get information about their friends. ss ask each other what there is /there are in their neighbourhood SS complete a chart about their friends. T gets some infor from some ss

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