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Teaching Practice 4a - RIGHT & WRONG
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will review and refine their knowledge of definite article usage. They will be pre-tested to see what they currently know, get clarification on areas where they need help, and be retested to ensure they understand and can produce the TL. Ss will also get practice using the TL in speaking activities


Abc Definite article answer key for Ex. 2
Abc Poster putty
Abc Whiteboard, dry erase markers
Abc Definite article exercises 1 & 2 HO + reference guide on back
Abc Gap-fill HO for definite articles
Abc Definite article half-sheet quizzes
Abc Definite article quiz answer key - A and B

Main Aims

  • GRAMMAR: To provide clarification, review and practice of definite article usage.

Subsidiary Aims

  • SPEAKING: To provide practice of the different usages of definite articles.


Stage 1 (Lead In/Pre-Test) (6-8 minutes) • To introduce the context of definite articles and to learn if Ss can use this grammar point correctly

- T asks S "Please give me THE marker." T elicits from Ss why this direction is confusing - T gets Ss to correct by using an indefinite article ("a marker") or by specifying ("the green and white marker") - T writes the word "THE" on the board and then tells students that they will be reading phrases from the previous listening activity - Task for reading: "Please think about why 'the' is used in the bolded examples and not in the underlined examples." - T distributes HO and asks Ss to fold over so only first section is visible - After reading the passages in section 1, T pairs Ss and they discuss their answers - WC FB to see if Ss can tell why "the" is used (correct answers don't have to be given because this is covered in the next activity)

Stage 2 (Test/Teach Grammar) (10-12 minutes) • To provide Ss with a GD activity for definite article usage

- T instructs Ss to open up their HO to Section 2, which is the matching activity - T divides Ss into small groups - If time, T will pass out coloured paper slips of the matching activity phrases for groups to work on together (if not enough time, groups will work together to match phrases and write the correct answers on their individual sheets) - Answer key will be posted on the walls - T asks if Ss have any questions about answers and provides FB - T asks Ss to put a check mark next to the categories which usually take a definite article - Ss check in with other groups to see if their answers are correct - T nominates Ss in each group to give answers - Ss unfold final section of their HO which provides a full list of the categories which require definite articles, this is a written record that Ss can take home and study

Stage 3 (GD with gap-fill activity) (8-10 minutes) • To provide further clarification of definite article usage

- T holds up gap-fill HO and tells Ss to read the activity and then fill in "the" or leave the blanks empty, then hands it out for Ss to read and answer individually - T asks Ss to check their answers with a partner - T plays the CD for Ss to get the correct answers

Stage 4 (Pronunciation) (4-5 minutes) • To let Ss hear how "the" changes when used in front of a word with a vowel sound

- T writes the following words on the board: *the answer *the internet *the lyrics *the radio - T tells Ss to listen specifically at how "the" is pronounced in each of these examples, then plays the CD - T elicits responses from Ss on how "the" was pronounced in the recording and asks if they know why (reason: before a word starting with a vowel sound, it changes from /ðə/ to /ði:/) - Choral drilling of each phrase and encouraging Ss to use these in a sentence

Stage 5 (Final Test) (9-10 minutes) • To test knowledge of grammar covered in the lesson, using a definite article quiz that requires pair work

- T writes the following on the board: ____________________Nile ____________________Mississippi ____________________Tigris - T asks Ss if definite article is needed or not in these examples, then asks the question, "Which river is the longest?" (Ss answer "The Nile.") - T divides class into two groups, A and B - Group A is given Quiz A, Group B is given Quiz B - Ss work in pairs to answer the questions - T hands out answer key to each pair - Then T groups 2 Group A students and 2 Group B students together and has them ask each other questions from their respective quizzes (T reminds them not to give away the answers) - WC FB to answer any remaining questions

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