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Upper int. B2 module 7 level


In this lesson Ss will learn to describe memorable evens through listening and using useful language in their speaking. The class starts with some signs on the board and T will perform pantomime in order to elicit the topic. Related pictures will be shown by projector in order to review some Voc( pre listening ). In listening part Ss are provided with some Pre ( Voc and some Qs T to WC) , while (unscramble sentences ) and post listening ( prepare a brief summary ) activities. After listening Students start to describe their own story in pair by the Useful Language Card that the T will give them. Ss will share their stories in groups. At the end the best story wins a praise.


Abc Synonym handout
Abc scramble Sentences
Abc Pictures
Abc Signs ( pause play repeat )

Main Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about Describing a memorable events in the context of memorable events

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a interview in the context of a memorable event


warmer lead in (5-7 minutes) • to elicit the Topic

T puts some signs and ask Sts to guess the topic which is Memorable events . they Ss should give more examples.T will present more related pictures to elicit some social events like Concert, soccer match... Ss should name more social events in pairs (PW)

pre-listening (10-12 minutes) • lead Ss to the listening stage

Teacher will get the Ss attention by playing the audio file so the know it is listening part. Instructions: T to Ss : you are going to listen to a file , What is this about ? memorable events You should write some words .. Whole story ????? no What should you do ? answer some questions What are the questions about? Whats her name ? how old are they ? WHAT ,WHEN, WHERE, WHAT T gives the paper to Ss and they listen to the file.

While listening (10-12 minutes) • unscramble sentences to be ready to talk about the stories

Meanwhile teacher put scramble sentences on the board ans ask students to listen for the second time. T to SS : what are these sentences about ? are they familiar ? Now listen again and put them in order and tell me WHICH event is each sentence about. Then you should tell me a brief story. ICQ: can you take notes? Yes *** will change the pairs to check eachother’s sentences on their desks

post listening (5-8 minutes) • describe the stories in pairs and small groups to be ready for the speaking part

Ss will talk about the stories in groups of four and teacher will monitor and correct them if necessary.

speaking (10-12 minutes) • help student to interview each other and tell their own stories by usuing Useful Languages

NOW it is time for the students to talk about their own memorable stories . T ask the students to pick a topic Then Ss will talk about their memorable events Instructions : T to SS : you should pick up a topic and describe your memorable event. You have 2 min  Can you choose more than one topic ? yes Can you think with your partner ? no How much time ? 2 min Ss in pair will talk about their topic . teacher will put the Useful Language on the board . Instructions : you are going to work in pairs one describe her/his memorable events and Student A uses these phrases and Student B will ask these questions.Can you ask more than these questions ? yes Then change your part

wrap up (5-8 minutes) • feedback

At the end the most interesting story will receive a praise.

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