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Teaching Practice 1
Beginner level


Learning countable and uncountable nouns.


Abc Worksheets

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of is/are and isn't/aren't in the context of asking questions about the contents of a shopping trolley.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of basic food items in the context of shopping.


The Trolley Game (15-20 minutes) • To teach SS is/are and isn't/aren't.

Show on WB the following sentences and fill in the gaps and practice with choral drill: 1. There ____ one dog. 2. There ____ two dogs. 3. There ____ ten dogs. Draw a trolley and some apples on the WB. Ask SS the following question: 1. ARE there any apples in the trolley? (point at apples on the WB and the trolley as you speak whilst NODDING "Yes") Demo on WB, "Yes, there ARE some." Next question: 2. Are there any dogs in the trolley? (shake head "No") Demo on WB the sentence: "No there ISN'T any. Place students in to pairs and give out worksheets (chest them first) and gesture for them to face each other and start asking questions and demo by asking the first question and pointing at the worksheets. Extra time: ask SS to list all of the items in their trolleys.

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