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In this lesson ss will revise vocabulary related to toys, learn a few more words, and read about wheels as part of the world around them.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson ss will have read about wheels in the context of toys and the world around them.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To recycle vocabulary.
  • To revise prepositions in/or/under.
  • To revise counting (marbles and wheels).


Lead-in (5-5 minutes) • To activate ss' schemata.

T greets ss and gives intructions for "Pass the secret" activity. Tell ss to whisper to the next child the word the T tells them. The last child looks for the flashcard on board, points to it and says the word. If ss are fast, repeat with a few words. The last word is teddy bear. they may not know it so pre-teach it.

Prepositions revision (3-3 minutes) • To revise prepositions of place

T asks "Where is my teddy bear? Please look around the class and tell me." Elicit under the table, on the chair. Use a book and a flashcard to elicit sentences: It is in\on\under the book.

Fly swatter game (7-8 minutes) • To revise vocabulary related to toys and pre-teach new words.

Organise ss in 2 groups sitting on the floor. Explain the rules of the game. Model with 2 ss. Ss do the activity, T awards them points and congratulates the winner and the whole class. The last words are new, they don't count: scooter, scateboard. Drill the new words with movements.

Wheels (4-4 minutes) • To introduce the topic - pre-reading activity

Stick the wheel flashcard and elicit the word. Ss probably do not know it, so tell them. Elicit shape., gesture shape, draw triangle, square and circle and ss answer. Remind them of 'big' and 'small'.

Reading • To read for detail.

Give ss the SB and ask them to listen and read. Play the CD. Ask comprehension questions: Are wheels the shape of a circle? Have many things got wheels? Can things with wheels move?

Tick and count (4-4 minutes) • To help develop ss' thinking skills and raise their awareness of the world around them

Ask ss to name the toys they can see. Ask them to tick the toys that which have got wheels. Then ask them to count how many toys with wheels they have got. Prompt them to say 'I have got....' Play the CD, ss check their answer.

Wheel game (3-4 minutes) • To revise the previous activity and change the pace.

Have ss stand up and explain the rule of the game. When ss hear a toy that has got wheels, they say and gesture 'wheel'. If the toy has no wheels they say 'no wheels'. If they get it wrong the T gets the point. Get a s to model.

Colour and say (10-12 minutes) • To revise toy vocab and provide ss an opportunity to practise saying how many wheels different toys have got.

Tell them they are going to colour red the toys with wheels and blue the toys without wheels, and then write the toys that have wheels. Give them the HOs and the 2 pencils. Set a time limit of 3 min for colouring, then 2 min for writing. Ask individual ss to come to the board and write the words and say "A bike has got 2 wheels." etc.

Ending the lesson • To praise the ss and conclude the lesson.

Congratulate ss and say goodbye.

Reserve activity • If we finish earlier

AB, pg 48.

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