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TP 1 - A good job!
A1 - Elementary level


In this lesson, students learn about the present simple - He / She / It. The lesson starts with a short intro about jobs. Followed by reading, listening and filling gapped text activities. The focus in this lesson is on grammar.


Abc Clocks gap-fil Handout

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Present simple in the context of Jobs and family. By the end of the lesson, students will be better able to use 3rd person present simple to talk about a range of jobs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Improving listening skills of students throughout the lesson.


Lead in (2-5 minutes) • To introduce students to the topic of the lesson...

Teacher will talk about jobs, what is a job? What jobs do SSs already know? SSs make a list of jobs. Preteach target language vocabulary. (earn, go to the gym, snooker, Oil rig, coast, holiday, free time, zoologist, snake, desert)

Listening #1 (3-5 minutes) • Students need to find out what Andrew's and Claudia's jobs are.

I'll give the instruction that students need to find out the jobs of 2 persons from the text, respectively audio. We listen to the audio file. Students write down their answers. We listen again. Students check their answers in pairs while I'm monitoring. I give out the handout - Students look at the picture. What is an outdoor job? Whole class feedback

Grammar drill #1 (5-10 minutes) • Learning Present simple 3rd person - He / She / It -s / -es

I'm introducing 3rd person and drill some examples. Students underline all verbs in the text. Rule: When we talk about a 3rd person (he/she/it), write -s or -es at the end of the verb. Ex.: My mother's a gardener. She comes from Germany. She lives in a small town. She works in a big garden. She likes her job.

Pronunciation drill (2-4 minutes) • Correct pronunciation of different "s" sounds

We use the verbs that we underlined in the previous activity. I will use the help of animal sounds to help SSs to understand it more easy. Snake - Hisss sound (likes, works, writes and walks) Bee - Buzzz sound (comes, goes, earns, plays) Students help Teacher with drawing these 2 animals since I'm a bad drawer... :)

Gap fill (2-3 minutes) • Read for specific information in the text to fill the gaps.

We do 3 examples together to explain the activity. After that SSs continue alone to fill out the gaps. SSs compare their answers in groups of 2. Whole class feedback.

Chart completion (5-8 minutes) • Find specific information in the text and fill the chart with that information

Teacher project chart on the board. SSs help him with the words. Explain new vocabulary - salary SSs filling out the chart by them-self. They compare their answers in groups. Whole class feedback.

Freer practice (5-10 minutes) • SSs use what they've learned in today's lesson.

SSs take a last look at the filled chart on the board. SSs put the handout away. I clear the chart and SSs need to write down everything they remember about Andrew and Claudia. They write down notes on a sheet of paper and paste them on the wall Other students comment and correct I will monitor and provide feedback

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