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Writing a paragraph on 'Describing Someone'
Elementary level


In this lesson,students learn about how to write a paragraph about describing someone through guided discovery based on a sample written text. The lesson starts with finding out a person according to the descriptions given. This is followed by some lexical practice based on meaning and drilling. Then there is controlled practice by asking some descriptive questions to find the related person in order to clarify the forms. Free practice will be conducted by letting the Ss write a paragraph on describing someone. Finally they will be asked to find out who the person mentioned is. Delayed error correction will be given last.


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Main Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a AWriting a paragraph in the context of Describing someone

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of Adjectives describing personality and physical appearance in the context of Describing someone


Lead-in / Warm-up (3-5 minutes) • To greet Ss,provide introduction, generate interest and set the topic

I will show them photos of six men and ask them help me find which photo belongs to my e-friend whose appearance I have never seen. I will make one student read his e-mail describing himself as a guidance. - I need your help. I have an e-friend, and we will meet today. But I have never seen him. Here are six photos I found on the Facebook. I have his e-mail as well. Let's read the e-mail and then please tell me who my e-friend is. One of the Ss read the e-mail. Ss find the man.

Clarifying New Vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • To clarify the meaning and pronunciation of new vocabulary through demonstrations, explanations and repetition drills.

Some anticipated new vocabulary will be practised. They are : * curly hair, casual clothes, pony tail, leather, medium-length hair, lipstick, blonde-hair, early/late twenties To clarify the meaning, demostration, realia and description will be used. CCQs will enhance the meaning. Repetition drills will be conducted chorally and individually.

Semi-controlled Practice of "have got", "be" and "Present Continuous Tense" for describing someone (5-7 minutes) • To provide them revise the new grammatical patterns themselves for describing someone.

I will make them induce the necessary grammatical patterns by letting them answer some questions related to the pictures. - There are photos of six different people here, and there are also some questions about them. - Look at the photos and answer the questions. ICQ : * Are you just looking at the photos? No * Are you writing something? Yes - Check with your partner. PW FB - Check as a whole class. WC FB

Introducing a sample text (5-7 minutes) • To provide Ss with a sample text written to describe someone.

I will give them a HO showing a sample writing paragraph on describing someone. And I will ask them to decide which person among the ones in the previous exercise the paragraph describes. - Look at this HO. It describes someone in the photos. - Read it carefully and decide which person it describes. ICQs : * Are you writing something? No * Are you working alone? Yes .... - Now, check your answer as a group. GW FB - WC FB

Free Practice (12-15 minutes) • To make Ss write their own paragraphs on describing someone.

Ss will be asked to write a paragraph describing someone taking the previous text as a sample. - Write your own paragraph describing someone. - Describe someone in the class or in the photos. - Don't say who she / he is. - Write your own names under the paragraph. - You have 10 minutes. ICQs : * Are you reading something? No * Are you writing? Yes ....... Teacher picks up all the paragraphs, sticks them randomly on the walls. - Now, go and read the paragraphs and write below who they describe. Teacher takes off the sheets and gives to their owners. - Are the answers right? Teacher clarifies the the confused parts on the board by delayed error correction.

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