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Teaching practice 1
Beginners level


Teaching class the basic vocabulary for family and work. Also clarifying grammar for she/he & her/his and presenting "they are"


Main Aims

  • To present and practice basic vocabulary for family and work

Subsidiary Aims

  • Clarification of grammar for she/he and her/his presenting "they are"


1 (Lead in) (3-5 minutes) • Teacher intruduces himself/herself

- teacher shows the picture of her own family - she/he asks "who is this" pointing to herself/himself - as everyone will notice it is her/him, the teacher goes on introducing herself as the mother, wife, his/her kids as the son/daughter and the husband as father/husband.

Stage 2 (Match Vocabulary) (1-3 minutes) • Family ex. 1A page 15 presentation of vocabulary of relatives.

- Teacher shows the picture of a family from a famous Turkish sitcom "Avrupa Yakası" trusting that the SS recognize the characters and know their roles in the family (mother, father, brother, sister etc.) -Teacher asks questions: Do you know this family?

Stage 3 (Match Vocabulary) (10-15 minutes) • To present the vocabulary on family members/ male and female relatives/he-his & she-her definitions.

-Teacher makes group of 4 people in each group -Hands out 1 page to each group asking them to find the write vocabulary for each related picture -Asks groups the answers for 1st page, 2nd page, 3rd page and 4th page; each page to a different group. -Asks from groups to post their answers on the WB for everyone to see. -Teacher than hands out 1 page (all pages different from one another) of handout to ask for the related correct words(he/she/they/his/her) to 4 different groups -Teacher than asks the groups to post their sheets on the WB. -Teacher posts the last sheet on the board and asks the whole class for the answer

Stage 4 (Pronounciation) (2-3 minutes) • To make sure the words containing "th" are well pronounced

- Teacher models the sounds of the full form and the short form - Writes on the WB "full form "They are a family" and the short form "They're a family" - Gets the class to repeat after her/him - She also writes the words with "th" which are difficult for Turkish people to pronounce such as mother, father, brother.

Stage 5 (Speaking) (5-8 minutes) • Improving speaking in pairs

-Teacher makes pairs and hands out the exercise 4 on page 87 of English Unlimited. - Asks the following questions by showing the handout and asks them to find out the answers in pairs; after 5 minutes asks 6 of the pairs the different pictures. 1) first picture brother and sister 2) Second picture? brother and sister? or ... ? 3) third picture ? brother and sister? or..?

Stage 6 (Work vocabulary)/ Listening (9-11 minutes) • To elicit students' professions

- Teacher asks the questions what do you do, where do you work via nominating - She writes vocabulary of jobs by asking questions to SS for them to find the names of the jobs - Writes on the WB I work at ...., I work for ..... - shows the hand out as the visual aid - Teacher says listen and plays the audio. - She gets the SS to help her write on th WB whats said in the recording. - Provides vocabulary on the board, - Gets students to make a note of it and practices pronunciation.

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