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TP3 Loves and Hates - Present Simple, Questions and Gerrunds
Elmentary A1 - A2 level


In this lesson, SWBAT practice verbal and written structures of Present Simple: Use with I, He and She; Gerunds with like...-ing and Questions about their loves and hates.


Abc Fact File H/O

Main Aims

  • To provide speaking practice for general conversation in a mingling setting using Present Simple, Gerunds and Question about loves and hates.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Drill for natural pronunciation of previous lesson's TL
  • To introduce a pre-writing exercise of SS using the TL.


Warmer/Lead-in (6-8 minutes) • To set the context, expose SS to the TL and activate schema

T will provide SS instructions for the task, then use ICQ's for S clarification then complete the task. SS will mime the vocabulary words and the other SS must guess the matching word. T will give each group the answers to check.

Fill in the blank pre-task drill (3-4 minutes) • SS will fill in the blank with the Present Simple or questions with Gerunds.

T will demonstrate to SS how to complete the fill-in-the blank exercise then ICQ's. (PW) SS will fill-in-the blank with the vocabulary word that matches the picture. During open-class FB, T will drill the natural pronunciation of "Do you like...?". (PW), then random round robin open-feedback.

Controlled TL questions and answers (9-11 minutes) • Drill TL cline between loves and hates

T will demonstrate natural pronunciation of TL and the cline between love and hate in SS responses, modeling and emphasizing body language. Then open-class FB, ICQ's. Next T will project images on the board, SS will participate in round robin S-S feedback.

Pre-Writing Task - Fact File (8-10 minutes) • SS practice writing sentences using TL

T will demonstrate to SS how to create a fact file, ICQ's. Using the TL, SS will write 3 sentences about the Food and Drink they love or hate. 3 sentences about Sports and Activities and 2 sentences about Other things. When SS finish they will hand their sentences into the T.

Mingle (10-12 minutes) • SS practice conversation using TL

SS will mingle with their classmates only using the TL for questions and answers. SS will return to their seats when time is up. T will model and elicit from SS how to pronounce 3rd person "S" when reading a student's writing, CCQ's, then ICQ's. SS will get a different student's writing read it, then in a round robin open-class FB the class must guess who it is.

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