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Teaching Practice 2
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn about countable / uncountable nouns, some, any through Guided Discovery. Students will start by reviewing countable / uncountable nouns. They will then listen/read a text where they will follow up by answering questions, drilling, followed by controlled and free exercises to practice the TL in context.


Abc Countable/Uncountable nouns table
Abc Fill the gap - countable/uncountable nouns
Abc Printed pictures
Abc pavlova text and questions

Main Aims

  • To provide review, practice and clarification of of controllable / uncontrollable nouns, some, any in the context of Food

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise speaking fluency


Introduction & Review (5-6 minutes) • To check Ss are familiar with countable/uncountable nouns

T introduction. T gives Ss HO for the lesson. T checks familiarity and reviews countable/uncountable nouns by having Ss complete Pg19 Q1. Ss complete Q1 individually and check in pairs. WC feedback, ensuring correct answers. If Ss are unsure of any responses, follow up. Anticipated Q's regarding coffee, chocolate, steak, pizza. Pictures to,support understanding of how they can be both countable and uncountable. Provide Ss with answer key to support further understanding and learning at home.

Listening & Reading (4-5 minutes) • To expose Ss to the TL in context.

T reads short passage about Pavlova to the class. T then distributes HO (folding in half as not to see the next activity). Ss read the passage again to themselves. T asks Ss to circle words - some, any, a.

Discover (10-12 minutes) • For students to guess/work out how to use the TL.

Ss open paper to see bottom half of task and complete marker sentences individually, helping Ss discover the meaning/use of TL through Guided Discovery. Ss check answers in pairs. WC feedback/CCQ's (why did we use "some" here? Why did we use "any"in this sentence?), checking understanding.

Drilling (1-2 minutes) • To provide intensive oral practice of TL

T chooses two sentences from previous task - one containing "some" and "any" in the same sentence, another with "a". Ss repeat after T multiple times (drilling).

Grammar (3-4 minutes) • To have Ss practice and show understanding of TL

T refers Ss to Pg19. Q2. Ss work in pairs to choose the correct word to complete the text. Ss feedback to check answers.

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • To continue students understanding and practice of TL.

Ensure HO is folded in half. T refers Ss to Unit 2 Exercises at top of the page. Ss complete the set of Q's in pairs. Monitor class progress. Ss check answers with answer key at bottom of the page.

Speaking (8-12 minutes) • To practice speaking fluency.

T refers Ss to the Speaking activity on Pg19.Q1. T asks Ss to think of a dish they like and make some notes about it - Ss don't write long sentences or paragraphs. Check Ss understand the task by asking ICQ's Have Ss share their favorite dish with other Ss around the class. Monitor class, listen for grammatical errors to correct on the board after. Ask Ss feedback. Did anyone have the same dish? Did anyone hear about a new dish they would like to try?

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