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Teaching practice 1
A1, Beginners level


In this lesson, students learn about the functional language of telephone numbers. The lesson starts with a self-introduction of the teacher and the students. This is followed by an oral revision of the numbers until 10 and a spelling check of the numbers 11-20. The lesson continues with listening comprehension exercises and a roleplay activity.


Abc Listening comprehension
Abc Roleplay

Main Aims

  • To provide controlled speaking practice of functional language of telephone numbers.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review the present simple tense, Wh question forms and listening for specific information.


STAGE 1 - WARMER/LEAD-IN (4-5 minutes) • to set lesson context and engage Ss through a low-stress class activity

Greet the students. Introduce myself (visuals + sentence completion). Encourage the students to do the same until everyone has had a turn.

STAGE 2 - TEST #1 (10-12 minutes) • to give Ss the opportunity to revise numbers (0-20)

Show the flashcards 0-10. 'What number is this?' Ss answer (WC) 'This is number...' Ask the same questions to Ss individually. (T-S) Folded HO. In groups (flowers, beautiful girls, football) Ss write numbers 11-20 in words. (GW) Collect the 3 groups' work: WC feedback. Choose 4 spelling mistakes and ask 'Is this correct?'

STAGE 3 - LISTENING (5-7 minutes) • to listen and match the conversations to the pictures

Listen to 4 conversations (CD 14, Photocopy page 10). Ask to match them to the pictures. Listen again and say the numbers in the pictures. (CD 14, Photocopy page 10).

STAGE 4 - FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE (10-11 minutes) • to provide Ss with more speaking activities

(CD 15, photocopy page 11) Listen and read. Ask Tugba, what’s your phone number? It’s… T: My phone number is 8508181. In pairs Ss practise. Listen and repeat the phone numbers (CD 16, photocopy page 11)

STAGE 5 - ROLEPLAY/GAME (9-10 minutes) • to give Ss further exposure to functional language of telephone numbers

(CD 19 photocopy page 11) Read and listen to the conversation. Complete the chart with your phone numbers. Talk to 2 other students and complete the chart with their phone numbers. (GW) Play a card game to practise telephone numbers (GW) Ask ‘what’s your work telephone number?’ - 'It's ...' If the card is blank, ss say ‘Sorry, I don’t have one’

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