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Teaching Practice 1
Beginners level


In this lesson the students will learn vocabulary about jobs and grammar regarding WH- questions. We will do a warmer about countries and nationalities, then continue with a listening exercise following the explanation of the new vocabulary and additional vocabulary to the listening exercise. Then we'll move on to the explanation of the new grammar (WH- questions) and practicing the questions.


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Abc Gap-fill handout
Abc Vocabulary pictures
Abc Jobs vocabulary handout
Abc Flags pexeso
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the lexical set of jobs and the singular form of 'to be' for WH- questions in the context of personal info.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide skills in listening for specific information in the context of personal info.


Warmer (5-7 minutes) • To revise countries and nationalities

The students will be divided into two teams. Each team will either get a set of maps and nationalities to memorize it or we will do it together on th board, Then each team will get a pexeso to play - match flag and nationality accordingly.

Jobs vocabulary (6-8 minutes) • Explain, show and drill new vocabulary

First a brainstorming about aby jobs the students might know, then explaining the new jobs vocabulary from the book using pictures and WB. Prectice the stress.

Explanation of differences (3-4 minutes) • To explain the difference between some male and female forms of the jobs vocabulary

Using the pictures and drilled vocabulary I will explain the differences between the male/female job vocabulary forms, then writing questions and answers (e.g. What's his job? He's a waiter.). After that I'll write the questions and the students will come answer them to the WB.

Vocabulary exercise (4-5 minutes) • Practice new vocabulary

I'll give out HO - pictures with jobs. Students will work in pairs asking each other what his or her job is and filling in the blanks. Then asking check questions to some students to see whether they've understood.

Listening exercise (8-10 minutes) • To look for specific information

I will write on the WB the words that might be problematic in the exercise, then let the students do the listening task and we'll check for answers. After the first listening we will draw a chart from exercise 2 on p.16 and do the listening again. Students will fill in the chart. We'll check the answers.

Grammar (9-10 minutes) • To learn singular form of 'to be' for WH- questions.

Writing the verb 'to be' in the present simple singular form on the WB. Show examples on some familiar aquestions and highlight the difference between a normal word order and a question word order. Giving out HO exercise copied from the book. The students will do it alone, then check in pairs. We'll write the answers on the board as well.

Follow up on listening (3-4 minutes) • To practice WH- questions.

Students will work in pairs. They will ask questions about people from the listening exercise by looking at the chart.

Game (5-7 minutes) • To revise vocabulary

If there's any time left, we can play a word chain game divided into 2 or 3 teams. The team who gets the highest number of correct words, wins.

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