Copy of Teaching Practice 2
Elementary level


In this lesson students will learn about grammar through some wh-question based activities. For example, first the lesson will start off with the students matching four question words with four sentence that will be that will be written on the board before hand. This is followed by a worksheet that has four jumbled questions, and the students must rearrange the words to make questions. This exercise gives the students a chance to practice what they learnt in the previous activity. This is then followed by a choral drill, where the teacher will introduce the activity by writing on the board the question words for example: what, where, when, who and why. Next to the question words will be half questions for example: live?, live with?, live there? etc ..... The teacher will say the correct answer and the students will listen and repeat. It will then be time for the students to work in pairs and interview each other and ask these types of questions to get to know each other and practice speaking the question words. Students will then switch partners and then ask questions about their previous partner to know what they learnt. Students will make notes of what the other person is telling them. Lastly, the teacher will then go around the room and ask the students what they learned about their partner.


Abc flash cards
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Abc flash cards

Main Aims

  • Students will be able to understand the correct way of forming sentences by using question words in the context of living at home.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To achieve the main aim students will be able to communicate to each other from the activities planned in this lesson.


Lead - in (6-9 minutes) • To get the students thinking and set the context and engage the students.

First of all greet the students. Then we will do an activity. It goes like this: the teacher will have six flash cards and four half questions already written on the whiteboard. The teacher will pick six students to stand in front of the class and hold the flash cards for everyone to see. The remaining students will tell the six students with the flash cards which sentence to put it next to.

Feedback (2-4 minutes) • To check if the students got the right answers.

When the students are satisfied with the answer, the teacher will check and then do a whole class choral drilling.

Feedback Worksheet (5-8 minutes) • Give the students a chance to repeat what they just learnt.

This worksheet has four jumbled questions. The students work individually to complete it and then work in pairs to compare and check answers. Then the teacher will check with the whole group.

Speaking grammar activity (0-4 minutes) • To get the students speaking the correct grammar.

The teacher will have five question words and twelve half sentences written on the whiteboard. The teacher will model some of the questions and do a choral drill. For example: 'Where do you live?', 'Who do you live with?', Why do you live there?' etc ... The teacher will ask the students to listen and then repeat.

Teacher - student interview demonstration (2-4 minutes) • To get the student to practice speaking.

Following the previous activity, the teacher will then choose a student to stand with her/him and the teacher will interview them. The teacher will use the questions on the white board to find out specific things about the student. If the student can't think of an answer, that is ok they can say I don't know .

Pair work (8-12 minutes) • To the students speaking to each other using the prompts on the whiteboard.

Students will be put into pairs and interview each other using the prompts on the whiteboard. They will make notes of each others information. Students will then change partners and tell their new partner what they learnt about the partner they just interviewed.

Worksheet (0-6 minutes) • To check the students knowledge of what they have learnt.

The worksheet had five questions and five question words. The students put the correct question word with the sentence. They check their answers first with each other and then the teacher will check with the whole class.

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