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Grammer part: Simple Present Question
American English File 1: 3B level


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the simple present question form
  • To practice how to make simple present questions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice how to change simple present Sentence to question form


Lead in (Engagment) (5-7 minutes) • Make students familiar to the subject and usage of grammer

Students play a game in groups of two: guessing the animal card of their friend, using simple present questions. Checking the instruction given to students by asking ICQ questions. ICQs: Are you going to ask with (is it) or (does it)? Are you going to guess the animal?

Study (Meneang) (8-10 minutes) • Make student able to say some examles of simple present question get the form.

Elicit some examples of simple present and write them down on the board. Add Do & Does at first of these sentences and make them question. teach the difference between the second person and third person (Do & Does). Clarify that when the subject is (He or She) we delete the (s) after verb. Clarify that when the subject is (He or She) verb (has) changes to (have) & (does to do). Ask some CCQ questions about the difference between do & does CCQs: Say some simple present sentences and ask students to change them to question form. Ask students by which subjects we should use does.

Study (Pronunciation) (1-2 minutes) • Make student able to read simple present questions with right pronunciation

Play the audio (2.14) and ask students to drill the sentences chorally after the audio.

Study (Form) (2-4 minutes) • Make student undrestand the form of simple present question and be able to provide examples.

Write down examples provided by students and ask them to discover the form. The form is going to be written on the board.

Activation (controlled practice) & (semi controlled practice) (2-4 minutes) • Clarifying the aim of activity: do the exercise of grammar bank page 129

tell the students to do the exercise of grammar bank on page 129 parts A & B Ask some ICQs: part(A): Are you going to fill in the blanks with Do & Does? Then students' answers will be checked by reading the sentences one by one.

Activation (freer practice) (3-5 minutes) • asking questions to discover peoples job

In groups of four, students will play his job, her job choosing jobs from page 154 vocabulary bank. Ask questions to guess the job.

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