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B2 level


In this lesson, students will be presented to a range of vocabulary in the context of crime, they will go over meaning, form and pronunciation. at the end, they will be given a questionnaire to fill and discuss it with the class.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of vocabulary in the context of crime

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy spaking practice using a questionaire about honesty.


Warmer (1-3 minutes) • To set lesson context for the Ss

Teacher starts by asking student the following questions: - have you ever witnessed a crime one day? - what happened? - what did you do to help?

Lead-in (1-4 minutes) • Engage SS in the topic.

-Teacher projects labeled pictures of crime - T gives students HO 1 and ask them tow work in pairs to put the picture in the right column.(least violent/ most violent) - As a feedback, the teacher asks students for their answers.

highlight the meaning (1-10 minutes) • Expose the Ss to the meaning of crime words.

-Teacher gives students HO 2 which includes a cross-word puzzle. -T asks SS to work in pairs and complete the words for criminals. - T asks SS to check their answers with each other. - T gives an answer key as feedback. -T highlights the difference between the following: Robbery : stealing money from the bank theft: stealing money and things burglary: stealing from houses and flats Shoplifting: stealing from a shop while it is open.

Highlight the form (1-10 minutes) • To calrify how the words are used in their differnt forms.

-SS are given HO 3 which includes a chart of three columns. -T asks SS to work in pairs and fill in the chart with following forms: * Crime /Criminal/ verb. - T asks to check their answers with each other. -As a feedback, T asks to write their answers on the board. -Teacher highlights the different forms in the chart. - T points out that there is no word for a criminal who bribes someone. -T highlights that we say commit fraud, arson, and an act of terrorism. - Tell students that we can also say I was burgled to mean my house was burgled. -Remind SS that the plural of thief is thieves and all the verbs are regular, apart from steal (stole , stolen).

Highlighit pronunciation (1-5 minutes) • To show Ss where the stress occurs.

- Teacher models and drills the following words:. burglary/fraud/bribery/murder/ terrorism. -Model and drill the word families with class ( robbery, robber, rob). - Highlight the pronunciation of thief/ burglar/ burgle/ fraudster

Controlled practice (1-6 minutes) • To provide practice for the Ss

-T gives students HO 4 which includes a gap fill exercise. -T regroups SS and ask them to fill in the gap with the right form of the words. -SS check their answers with each other. - As a feedback, SS go to the next classroom to check their answers.

Speaking (1-7 minutes) • To provide a freer speaking practice to devlop oral fluency on the topic.

- SS are given HO5 which includes a Questionaire and they have to do it on their own. - Students compare answers with each other. - teacher projects the key to find out how honest you are. - Ask the students to tell the class their results

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