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Main Aims

  • To provide reading for gist and details by reading two short texts from the book " Home sweet home" on page 60.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide an opportunity to the students to speak by using the vocabulary they learn from the text describe thier homes.


Introduction and lead in (7-10 minutes) • Set the context

The teacher will ask the students the following question to get them interested in the topic: 1. How is the weather like in Summer in Istanbul? 2. Do you have air conditioning? Why? 3. Do have lots of windows in our houses? 4. How is it in winter? Do you need central heating? Write the following two questions on the board then ask the sts to discuss them in pairs: 1. Do you like living there? Why?/ why not. 2. Do you live in a house of flat? Get feedback from the students.

Language focus (5-10 minutes) • Intorduce new vocabulary the students will find in the texts.

- give the students the following words to elicit their meanings by using CCQs and write the word on the board after they give the meaning. The words are (unusual/ typical, spacious, air conditioning/ central heating, balcony/ garden, busy/ quite, close to/ a long way from, nice/ fashionable, ground/third/top). Get the sts feedback (give the meaning of the verbs which the sts don't know)

Introduce Luke and Bridget (4-5 minutes) • To make predictions

-show the students their pictures and tell them that we are going to read about those two persons. -Write the following questions on the board, then ask the students to make predictions in pairs what they predict about them: 1) where do the live? in a city or in the village? 2) what kind of house do they live in? - get the students feedback.

While reading (5-7 minutes) • To give students practice in reading for gist.

- write the following question on the board and ask the students to read for gist by skimming the text and answer the following questions about Luke and Bridget: 1. what kind of house do they live in? 2. How are their houses? 3. where is it? - Get the feedback from them. - ask students to talk about what they think about living in a boat or underground home.

Post reading (12-15 minutes) • Practice speaking

- ask the students to answer the questions about Luke and Bridget. - after the reading ask the sts to check their answers in pairs. (read the questions to the students) - Check the sts answers. - ask the students to work in pairs to find the suitable title for this text. If the sts couldn't give the exact title, give them two suggestions: 1) It's really hot. 2) sweet home sweet. - ask the students to change partner to discuss the whether they like to live in a house or a houseboat? Why? - follow up and get the students feedback.

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