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Elementary level


In this lesson, students will practise dialogue using vocabulary and functional language taught in previous lessons. Firstly, there will be a focus on pronunciation and stress skills. Next, students will complete a questionnaire in the format of an interview. The latter will be followed by an open class discussion about the results of the questionnaire. Finally, there will be an opportunity for mixed dialogues to improve fluency.


Abc Worksheet - Questionnaire Results (self-made)
Abc Worksheet - Questionnaire (self-made)
Abc Name tags and Activity cards (self-made)

Main Aims

  • to practise speaking for fluency in the context of dialogues

Subsidiary Aims

  • to have the students asking and responding to questions using the present simple tense
  • to highlight the importance of pronunciation and stress


Lead In/Warmer (3-5 minutes) • to demonstrate natural dialogue language and pace: to introduce the concept of 'alone'

T. does a short puppet show with herself interviewing a character called "Muffy". T asks the character if he wants to attend a party. He responds with "No,...I like to be alone."

Drilling (7-10 minutes) • to instil correct pronunciation and encourage word/sentence stress for emphasis

T will divide the class into 2 groups - Narelle Group and Muffy Group. Following the script of the dialogue, Ss will model T. *******ICQs - How many groups? Who is in which group? What are you going to do?

Speaking - Constructed Activity (12-15 minutes) • to require Ss to provide personal viewpoints via previously taught lexis and functional language

******CCQs - Does Muffy like parties? Why? What does 'alone' mean? Is M a 'people person'?What does 'people person' mean? - Ss respond - Show Ss the questionnaire sheet titled 'Are you a People Person' - Tell students there are 5 Qs. Advise they can only choose one answer per Q. Model an eg. - Advise Ss to work in pairs - Confirm a 5 minute limit & ICQ aforementioned guidelines. Hand out W/S - Next show questionnaire results W/S. - Advise Ss to complete with same partner - Confirm a 5 minute limit - Invite individual Ss to tell class about their partner/personal results

Speaking - Discussion Activity (3-5 minutes) • to practise substantiating a viewpoint

T poses Q - Do you agree/disagree with your results?. Clarification Q if Ss don't understand the concept of agree/disagree - Are you a people person? Yes / No? Can you give me an example?

Speaking - Dialogue Activity (8-10 minutes) • to combine TL/FL with correct pronunciation for conversation

T writes on W/B - "Do you want to go.......? (for a coffee. for a walk, to the shops etc) T writes on W/B - Yes, sure!............No, thanks! T gives each student a name tag and a picture card T tells Ss that they must first introduce themselves to another S and then invite that S as per the picture card activity

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