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TP6 - At the market
Elementary level


In this lesson SS will practise countable and uncountable phrases using some and any in the context of shopping for food.


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Main Aims

  • To practice using countable and uncountable phrases using some/any in the context of shopping for food.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise listening for specific information


Warmer/Lead-in (0-5 minutes) • Introduce a typical English market scene

1. Show picture of an Arabic market scene: ask SS what they think it is/where do they think it is/what is being sold? 2. Show picture of English market. Explain we call this a stall and the owner is a stall holder. 3. Distribute English market picture to each SS.

Pre-teach grammar (5-10 minutes) • Practise use of some/any and much/many

Show HO1. Demo. Handout HO1. SS practise in pairs using the phrases with the food at the market using phrases on HO1. Confirm.

Things to buy (10-20 minutes) • Speaking practise using target phrases

T distributes Things to buy list to all SS. SS paired as market owner and customer. T writes some examples on the WB and does demo of use of some of the phrases and practises some examples with SS. SS working in their pairs ask and answer questions relating to the food on sale. Do all foods then change roles.

Piers and his mum are at the market (20-25 minutes) • Listening for specific information

I am going to play a conversation between Piers and his mum at the market. I want you to listen and tick the things they buy from this list (show list). When you have finished I want to know what they don’t buy. I play will a short clip first and you can guess what item is bought. Then I will play the full clip and you tick those items that the Mum buys. What am I going to do first? (play a short clip). What do you do? (tick the items the Mum buys). What will I then do? (play the whole clip). What do you then do? (tick all items that the Mum buys and let me know at the end what items she does not buy at the market). Play first clip. Play whole clip.

Conversation from the tapescript (25-35 minutes) • Practise reading and speaking target language

Show tapescript. It is the conversation you have just listened to. Mum, Piers and stall holder. Split SS in the three roles. Mime the first example. Issue each SS with tapescript.SS leave seats and stand in their threes – imagine you are in the market. Ask: who are the Mums?/Who are the Piers?/Who are the stall holders? What are you now going to do? SS practise the conversation in role.

Role play (35-45 minutes) • Speaking in role

Like the shopping list I gave you I want each of you to write your own shopping list items – it should be the food you normally buy . What are you to do?/write list of ten shopping items. SS write list. Split into pairs – stall holder and customer. Mime some representative target phrases (show HO). Distribute HO. At front of class SS form two facing lines – stall holders and customers – and role play using the HO prompts. SS change roles. SS change postions.

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