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TP 1
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson students learn about question forms in the context of making a conversation at a dinner party.


Abc Questions from questionnaire
Abc "Answers" questionnaire handout
Abc 1A Questionnaire handout
Abc 1A theory handout

Main Aims

  • Practising Question Forms in the context of making conversation at a dinner party.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking practice for fluency in the context of making dinner conversation.


Lead in (5 minutes) • Generate interest

Teacher shows a picture of bored people at a party. One or more of the parties looks bored and uninterested. Teacher asks questions like What is happening to these people?, What are they not doing? How to fix this situation? How can you encourage another person to speak with you? What type of sentence would set off a conversation? What type of topics can you ask questions on?

Pre-speaking task (5 minutes) • To provide controlled oral practice focused on using the language accurately

Teacher has the students discuss what topics are ok to discuss with people you are getting to know and which topics you may want to avoid. Pictures of each topic are hanging around the room. The students are grouped in pairs and they are given questions from the different "conversation topics". Instruction: Please, look at the questions on your paper. Fill in the missing words in your mind (don't write them down yet) and post them under the photo that represents this topic. "What are we doing with these funny sentences with missing words? Are we using a pen for this task?" Feedback: Teacher hands out the questionnaire from which the Questions are taken and students can check for themselves which questions belonged to which topics. The students may want to walk around for this

Language analysis (10 minutes) • Grammar review

Teacher reminds the students that they looked at question formations earlier in the week. Instructions: Please look at all the questions in the questionnaire, again without writing anything down. Teacher divides group in pairs Instruction: Now together you may review the grammar theory on this handout and apply the rules to your funny sentences. Feedback: Did you get it right from the start? Which sentences gave you more troubles? Which ones were easier?

Speaking semi controlled practice (25 minutes) • STT, practice question forms

Teacher uses questions from the topic "family" to model the activity with the class. Divide group in pairs. Each pair will have 1-2 topics. They will both ask each other all of the questions about the topics. Teacher demonstrates they should use follow up questions and try to keep the person talking as long as possible. The aim is not to get through all the questions but to stay one one topic as long as possible. One of the pair starts asking the questions and the other ones answers them. Teacher times the students and after 3 minutes lets them know they should swap roles. Another 3 minutes later the students should fin someone from another group and ask them the same questions. After 3 minutes they too will change roles, When all the students have spoken on all the topics the teacher does whole class feedback. Feedback: Which topics were easier to talk about at length and which topics were difficult to talk about?

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