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Receptive Skills- Reading (Women Wrestlers) (TP1)
Pre-intermediate level


Abc Video of Mexican Wrestlers

Main Aims

  • • To provide reading practice for gist and detail in the context of women wrestling.

Subsidiary Aims

  • • To introduce some vocabulary and the concept of word clusters (synonims and related words). To review diferent uses of the -ing form. To provide speaking practice by sharing their opinions on women in sports.


Warmer/Lead-in (7-9 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

- T greets starts the lesson with a short video of Mexican wrestling and starts asking some easy general and personal questions about the sport. Is wrestling popular in your city? Have YOU ever attended a wrestling match? Is it men or women who wrestle? What about the costumes? What about the fans? Is it a popular sport? - Next T will take a few minutes to discuss the word wrestling and its meaning as the name of the sport, its pronunciation, its form. -Next, T will show the pictures illustrating the article and ask Ss to discuss between them the differences with the video (gender, audiences, costumes) and try to anticipate what the text will be about.

Pre-Reading/Listening (4-6 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

- T covers the concept of word clusters (words with similar or related meanings) -Ss have to match the definition with two or more words that actually appear on our text Then T will model pronunciation and have learners match the phonetic spelling on the slide

While-Reading #1- Reading for gist (5-7 minutes) • To provide students with a less challenging gist and skimming reading task

Students will be given three paragraphs that might summarize the text. They'll have one minute to read those paragraphs and understand the differences between them. Then they will have just 90 seconds to skim the text. Then they'll go to BOR to decide which paragraph summarizes the text. ICQ: Am I going to stop if I see a dificult word?No Am I going to pay atention to every detail? No Should I read the task carefully before reading the text? Yes How long will I have to read the text? 90 seconds

While-Reading #2 - Reading for detail (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with a more challenging detailed, deduction and inference reading task

- Ss read the questions, the text and complete the TRUE or FALSE exercise In teams BOR – 8 min - Open Class Feed Back -Instructions: Read the questions first. Then read the text calmly, and then discuss the questions with the group. Don’t submit your answers, just write them down in a notebook if you want to.

Post-Reading/Listening (8-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

- Ss discuss short questions to personalize the text in breakout rooms Do you watch a lot of sports? Do you watch sports to forget about your problems or for different reasons? Do you watch sports with women in them? Which ones? Do you think sports with women in them should be more popular? Why? How can we make them more popular? - T monitors to note errors and to encourage them if needed - OCFB

OPTIONAL STAGE-word focus LIKE (only if there's time left) (3-5 minutes) • To illustrate the differences in meaning of the word like using the text as an example

Ss match some sentences from the text with their meaning and they talk about the different possible uses for the word like (as a verb meaning to enjoy or to desire/ as an adverb meaning similar to)

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