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Present continuous
Elementary level


In this lesson students will get familiar with present continuous tense and talk about "what are people doing?"


Abc Worksheets
Abc Pictures( google image)

Main Aims

  • Speaking for accuracy

Subsidiary Aims

  • Grammer (am/is/are)+verb+ing


Warmer/Lead_in (3-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students, to introduce the topic of what people are doing

After greeting I will show them some pictures then ask them "where are the people?" Then I will ask them "what are they doing?" Elicit sentences from the class as much as possible.Now they should do some exercises related to grammer part.

While Listening--presentation (5-7 minutes) • To make students more familiar with the main topic and explain it by talking about different actions

Now I do some actions then ask them what am I doing? Suddenly i change it to a game "Pantomime" ! The students have to guess what am i doing? Then they should do the second part of worksheet and I write some examples on the board , start repetition and explain some grammatical points clearly.

Practice (3-5 minutes) • To review what they learn about present continuous and talk about it

They should make 3 positive and negative sentences (present continuous) two by two then we check it together. Again write some another examples on the board + repetition . Now I give them some worksheets after that we check the answers together and work on it.

Free practice/feedback (5-7 minutes) • Make sure ss can use present continuous well

Now we are gonna have a conversation (sth like yes/no questions) And if they need more practice , I will give them a new wprksheet. We will work and talk about it together and correct problems.

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