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Reading and Speaking
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn how to practice reading skill through guided discovery based on reading an authentic text about "Sixto Rodriguez". The lesson starts with couple of questions to introduce the target language. They will be shown a picture of said character as prediction task to encourage students predict and think of picture giving them a reason to read the text. This is followed by by pre teaching vocabulary,pre reading. While reading including reading for gist and reading for specific information for details through semi controlled practice. Finally there is some controlled practice and semi one via pair work speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan, detailed and deduction of given article

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency of speaking through speaking activity


Lead - in (3-5 minutes) • To set the context and introduce the target language

- Ss will be given HOs which has got couple of questions Ex-9b,a - Ss discuss the questions in pairs or in small groups - They might write what the group mate said to not to forget, then later on will mention it - Ss produce the language and model the sentences - ICQs: are you going to ask whole class? are you going to share your group mates idea with class? - Teacher monitor the class to make sure they're all in line with topic - Feedback: Ss will share with class the answers of given question and modeling sentences

Prediction task (3-5 minutes) • To encourage students predict and think about picture and giving them a reason to read the text

- Ss will be shown a visual which is picture of "Sixto Rodriguez". - Teacher distribute HOs for Ex- 9b,b - There are some questions in given HOs and students answer them - Let then do it individually so that they'll have more ideas to share - Some prediction will be accidentally true while they are modeling and producing the language - Feedback: Ss share their ideas with class to make sure they are ready for the next stage

Pre reading - Pre teaching vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • TO preteach keywords needed to help students understand the text and do MFP

- Ss will have opportunity to be familiar with keywords that are used in the text - MFP: Teacher gives either definition or synonym of keywords and students will produce the language. when a keyword is elicited from students, the other parts of MFP which are form and pronunciation will be consequently elicited. in case of necessity, an example will be also needed to be elicited from students to make sure they are totally in the garden. - Ss produce the language - Feedback: students are being ready for the next stage by engaging them understand keywords

While reading - Reading for gist (3-5 minutes) • To encourage students to read for general understanding of learners

- Ss will be given HOs which is an authentic article Ex-9b,c - ICQ: clear instruction is needed - Ss are assigned a semi controlled practice to read the first and last few lines of each paragraph. - Ss will do it individually - Get them to check their answers in pair - Monitoring should be run at this stage - Feedback: ask students to share their ideas with class

While reading - Reading for specific information in details (5-10 minutes) • To practice reading for specific information and understand the text in more depth

- Ss will read the text entirely and carefully in 3 to 4 minutes - Ss will be assigned a controlled practice Ex-9b,d to evaluate Ss comprehension from the text - Teacher ditributes HOs - ICQs: Are you going to read the whole text? How many minutes have you got? - Ask Ss to do it individually - Get them in pairs to check answers - Feedback: teacher elicit answers from students and write on the board to let them know what the right answers are

Feedback - Post reading, productive speaking task (7-10 minutes) • To give students an opportunity to personalize thr topic and discuss through speaking activity

- Teacher distributes HOs of Ex-9b,e - Ss will be given an opportunity to go through speaking activity - They model the language through doing speaking activity - Then students will be asked if there is any singer as Sixto Rodriguez in their country - Feedback: ask individually to share with class

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