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Teaching Practice 1
Beginner level


In this lessons students will be introduced to possessive pronouns and how to use them when talking about their relationships. They will have listen to two families and identify who is who. They will learn to describe relationships with phrase "They're...". After this, they will practice speaking using the same phrase.


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Main Aims

  • To present and practice possessive pronouns to talk about relationships.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review and practice vocabulary to describe relationships eg. brother, husband / listening and speaking.


Intro (5-6 minutes) • To review Vocab.

T puts pics of family on the board and says "This is my/Lizy's family". T calls 2 Ss pairs up front and T gets them to ask each other "who's this?" and answer "This is her...". Then T says "Now, in Pairs, ask each other 'who's this?'"

Pre-Listening (3-4 minutes) • To prepare students for the listening and match exercise

T puts pics of Omar and Emma's families on board. T asks whole class who each member is. T writes "mother, son, sister" on board and asks 1 S to come match name with number as ex for S (indiv) work

Listening (1-2 minutes) • To have students hear each family member's name.

T plays track for students to match each name with the person.

Activity 1 (4-5 minutes) • To practice gender and pronunciation

T will draw chart with two columns Male/Female and write F, D, B, W and practice pronunciation of these four. Then, T will call 4 Ss to come one by one and fill in the blanks for M, S, Sis, and H. Then Ss will practice pronunciation of each word with CD track

Activity 2 (5-6 minutes) • To practice his/her

T writes "This is Omar/Emma and .... Family" students guess His/Her. T writes "This is his/her ..." Leave sentences on board, erase his/her. T calls 2 Ss and names then A/B. A Ss talks about Omar and B Ss about Emma. T says "you are A and you are B, You are...?" and names all students T says "in Pairs A talks about Omar and B talks about Emma" IQ: T says "A talks about? and B talks about?" IQ: T says pointing at Emma/Omar "We use...? her. We use...? his"

Activity 3 (2-3 minutes) • To have students practice his/her in pairs

T points to Omar's pic and calls 2 Ss makes A S ask "Who's this" and B S answers. Ss do this 2 more times. T makes pairs and makes them talk about Omar and Emma's family.

Pre-Speaking (3-5 minutes) • To introduce "They're" and pronunciation.

T explains "They're" by pointing to one S and saying "S/he's a S" then pointing to 2 Ss "They're Ss". T writes on the board "They are" and changes to "They're". Play track to practice pronunciation.

Pre-Speaking #2 (3-4 minutes) • To practice They're form

T puts pic of parents on WB and ask "Are they brother and sister"? Waits for comments and then writes ".... husband and wife". Ss fill in "They're". T puts pic of four couples and asks students "who are they?" and waits for WC to answer "They're...". To check T asks single Ss to answer.

Speaking and Writing (5-6 minutes) • To practice "They're"

T shows Pic 1. and writes on WB "I think they're...." and waits for Ss to answer "brother and sister". T points to another pic and repeats. Then T calls for one two Ss one by one and makes them practice. Then T pairs them up and gestures to write what they think each pic is.

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