Roya Roya

Speaking and Vocabulary
Upper-intermediate level


Students will learn how to ask questions about books and movies. Students will learn some words about movies, books, and theater.


Abc Book reviews

Main Aims

  • To provide the ablity to talk about a book, the review and their favorite movies.
  • To provide the ability to ask questions about books and movies.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of Books, movies, theater in the context of Books, movies, theater


Lead-in (3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

The teacher tells the students that they will start a book club, and for that, they need to choose a book. Then the teacher shows several covers of books and asks students whether they know any of the books. So to figure out more about the book, we need to make and ask some questions.

Making questions (7 minutes) • To use the perevious knowledge of students to make and order the questions

The teacher tells the students that they need to use the link to unscramble the question to make the correct ones using the words given. In this app students have the chance to check their answers, There are 8 question and students are set into pairs, in breakout rooms students try to put the words which are written in the boxes into the correct order, The teacher does the ICQ to make sure that students know what they should do. When students are done with the app and are back in the main room, the teacher shows the correct form of the questions to double-check.

Drilling (6 minutes) • To draw the attention of students to the correct intonation of question making.

After students checked their questions. The teacher randomly calls a student and ask them to read one of the questions. Then the teacher will back chain the questions, particularly the longer ones and the ones that are more difficult to read. After back chain drilling, the teacher will randomly ask some other students to read the question with the correct intonation.

Question practice (12 minutes) • To understand the questions and match them with the answers. And ask them.

The teacher shows the answer to the questions and asks students to use the questions they've made in the learning app. This activity will be done in the class. The teacher can nominate students, and for those who can't use their microphone, the teacher asks them to type it down in the chatbox. For the next stage, the teacher refers back to the first topic that we need to pick a book for the book club and shows the books' covers. The teacher explains that each of the students has a different review of the books in the slide. They are set in pairs, and they should use the questions which were drilled to ask questions about the book, and they need to report back to the class when they are done with the interviewing. After Students are done reporting back to the class, the class can pick a book for the book club.

Asking questions about movies (12-0 minutes) • To understand the similarity of the questions and words in books and movies.

The teacher shows a movie poster and tells the students that it is her favorite movie, and the teacher encourages students to ask some questions to learn more about the movie. The teacher encourages students to use the book's questions, and if some questions can not be used to ask about a movie, by eliciting, the teacher let students know. The teacher makes two columns, writes books and movies, and asks students to say words related to each topic. In this stage, the teacher pre teaches vocabulary by EVERY CAT DOES WIERD STFF. The teacher asks them if these words. are used for movies or books. The teacher puts the students in pairs if the number is low in groups and gives them a link so in this part they need to put the words in the correct categories. When students are back to the main room the teacher shows the table with the right answer.

Free Practice (5 minutes) • To provide students with free practice To talk about their favorite movie.

The teacher sets students in groups, tells students that it is time for them to talk about their favorite movies using the words they have learned. The other students should listen and asks questions when necessary. When students are done the teacher will ask students if they like the movies their friends talk about or if they have ever watched them.

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