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Grammar and Speaking
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn about future continuous and future perfect through given materials. The lesson starts with discuss and trying to know the tenses. this is followed by clarification of target language where the future perfect and future continuous will be clarified through different stages and practices. Finally there is some controlled practices through gap filling and whole class speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of future perfect and future continuous tenses

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency of speaking out the target language


Lead - in (3-5 minutes) • To set the context and introduce the target language

- Ss will be seeing 3 sentences, they read and will elicit the language - Give them time to read and deduct - Get them to talk in pairs - ICQs: Are these about past? No Are these about present? No Are these about future? Yes Which one is used to describe progress at a definite time in the future? What tense is this? Which one is used to describe something that will be completed before definite time in the future? What tense is this? - Ss elicit the language and model sentences - Feedback: Students will be introduced to future continuous and future perfect properly

Clarification (7-11 minutes) • To clarify the target language and do MFP

- Teacher elicits examples in last stage from ss to write on the board - Since the target language is future tenses, teacher will write two sentences consequently - Future perfect and future continuous sentences are written on the board - MFP - Then teacher elicit the structures of said tenses from students - If teacher notices that ss are not able to recognize the topic, timeline should be written on the board and let students find the relationship between. - Negative and question forms will be elicited too - Highlight the time phrases for future perfect and future continuous - Feedback: teacher elicit again how the said tenses describe to get them ready for the next stages and practices

Exposure (5-9 minutes) • To expose students to the topic through freer activity

- Ss will be given HOs - ICQ: Ss should be aware of task details and timing - Ss do the task individually - Monitoring should be run - Peer checking - Feedback: Students share their answers with class

Practice 1 - Controlled practice (5-9 minutes) • To provide to practice all forms of target language

- Ss are assigned to do Ex-5 - Teacher distribute HOs - ICQ - clear instruction is needed - Students will do it individually - Teacher will monitor the class - Peer checking will be run and do some delayed corrections if its needed - Feedback: get learners to share their answers to class in turn

Feedback - Productive Speaking task (8-11 minutes) • To give students opportunity to personalise and discuss through a speaking activity

- Teacher distribute HOs of Ex-6 - Students come to the front of class, as a whole group will ask each other using future tenses and taking notes as much as possible - ICQs: Are you going to ask only one person? How many minutes have you got? - Monitoring - Do some delayed corrections if its needed - Finally, each student will be asked to share with class what others said The more you share; the more you care and will win

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