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Language Schools
Elementary level


In this lesson , the students will practice the speaking skills for fluency and the use of can and can't for possibility and holiday activities in the context of language schools.


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Main Aims

  • To give students practice in speaking for fluency.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice in using can and can't for possibility and holiday activities.


Lead in ( Brainstorm and Discussion) (5 minutes) • To introduce , generate interest and get the students ready for speaking in the context of language schools.

I will start the lesson by sitting the students into groups of three or four. Then, I will ask them to work with a partner to give me different reasons for why do people all over the world study English .Then, in pairs they discuss where they can study English to mention that they can study English in Turkey or outside Turkey. Finally , Where is the best place for studying English ?

Pre – teach the vocabulary. (10 minutes) • To familiarize the students with the key words suggested on the book.

By using pictures , CQs and the board I'm going to introduce the new vocab items . They are library , study centre , accommodation , art gallery , pub , cathedral and go sailing.

Task . Speaking Activity (18 minutes) • To enable the students to work on the main task.

I'll tell the class they are going to study English in England for a month and they must decide which school to go to. I'm going to photocopy one set of language school cards for every four students . Cut into four separate worksheets . As a self-confident activity each student with his group is going to discuss what he can do or can't do in the school. Then , I will take one from each group to form new groups . In each group , each student will talk about his school .Finally , each group should decide one school to study in. fInally , each group tells the class which school they have decided to go to and their reasons for choosing this school.

Post Speaking Activity (12 minutes) • To give a free activity about the context.

I'll give each group an A3 paper to design a poster for the school that they decided to study in .

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