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upper intermediate level


this lesson gives Ss to practice the future forms from the previous lesson bit widen up the context to think about personal goals and then a mock election campaign. It also links back to the previous lessons on being optimistic.


Abc Worksheet
Abc Hand out

Main Aims

  • • To give Ss practice in speaking for fluency through making an election speech.

Subsidiary Aims

  • • To give Ss the opportunity to practice future perfect and continuous and future time phrases to encourage Ss to think about how to make ideas seem optimistic.


Lead-in (1-3 minutes) • To set lesson discussion and engage students

T put 8 words each one represent a categories.: Crime - Education - Transport - Health care - childcare - Leisure - The environment - The economy. and then write the next statement: "The days of free medicine for everyone are just around the corner" then ask the students to match this optimistic statement to one of above categories. get FB

Freer practice (3-7 minutes) • to practice producing the statements.

T put the students into small groups and tell them that they are going to write two optimistic statements about two of the categories on the board. And he will hands them a hand outs.

preparation. (5-10 minutes) • practice on wrting and speech

T tell the students that they are going to have a class election so they will have to create a political party. T give them clear instructions about what are they going to prepare and use some ICQs. T hand them the Worksheets one to each group

Rehearsal (5-10 minutes) • to check

T circulates and monitors giving students help if needed. after they finish T ask each group that they are going to choose with part of the speech they would like to give ask them to rehears the speech quietly in their groups.

Presentation (5-7 minutes) • practice directly by giving the speeches and use the tenses that they have learned from the previous lesson

when they are ready tell them that each group will present their speech to the rest of the class. teacher MUST tell the students that they are going to listen and decide which of the speech presents are the most optimistic future for their county and why

Feedback and Voting (3-8 minutes) • give feedback and set the end of the process

after they finish, teacher get some feedback from the class about the speeches. students will vote who has the most optimistic one (THEY CAN NOT VOTE FOR THEIR OWN). T must clarify that. T draw a box on the board with the names of their parties in it and T take their votes. Get some Positive feedback on their speeches

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