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Teaching Practice 4a
Beginner level


In this lesson, the students will be introduced to the different rules and pronunciation of the present simple in the 3rd person. The warm-up will just be about verbs and having the students think of as many as they can in different groups to set a context. Then the lesson will have 2 controlled practices. The first will be a gap-fill from the face2face book. The second will be a self-made table that will be projected on the board where the students have to conjugate the verb in the 3rd person and also recognize what sound the "s" makes. The lesson will come to an end with a freer practice bringing in the verbs the students wrote down in the beginning. I will try to make it game like and have the groups help the person at the board.


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Main Aims

  • For the students to be able to hear the differences in pronunciation for the "s" in the third person conjugation of the present simple.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide a framework for conjugating verbs in the 3rd person present simple.


Warmer/Lead-in (7 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Welcome the class. Ask for example of verbs to make sure they understand the concept. Ask for a verb that starts with an "A". Write it on the board. Ask for a verb that starts with a "B". Write it on the board. Go around the room and "WHITE" "BROWN" "ORANGE." Ask the whites to raise their hands. Show the white paper and ask them to stand and come to the corner of the room. Do the same with Brown and Orange. Keep them standing up in a circle. CIRCLE AROUND THE POSTER. Get everyone's attention. NOW WRITE DOWN AS MANY VERBS!! THAT YOU CAN THINK OF in 5 MINUTES If they can't think of any the teacher can demo verbs - like to dance. To eat. To write. etc. Collect the posters and hang them up. Get everyone to sit down.

Controlled Practice Demo (3 minutes) • To explain grammar by elicting the correct responses.

Write an alphabet at the top of the board. Circle the vowels. Elicit the word VOWEL. Write it on the board and circle it. Underline all the consonants and elicit the word CONSONANT. Write WORK, CRY, MISS, and ENJOY on the board. He______. He______. etc Ask how to spell it. Handout 1. Explain it to them by using the example already written on the board. Then mention and write on the board. THESE ARE SPECIAL Have ----> has Go -------> goes Do---------> does Handout 2. Demonstrate number 1 and 2 and 2 on the board.

Controlled Practice (9 minutes) • Have the students conjugate the verbs correctly and then listen to the pronunciation

INDIVIDUALLY fill in the gaps. You have 5 minutes. Then hand out 1 answer key to every 2 people and have them check their work in pairs. Get everyone's attention and with the answer key tell everyone to LISTEN. Read it 1 time aloud. Then ask if the S in lives sounds the same as the s in works? Over emphasis until they get it. WORKS /s/ LIVES /z/

Controlled Practice 2 Demo (4 minutes) • To demo the acitvity effectively

Project Handout 3 on the board. If the computer doesn't work take the time to draw it on the board. Go around and place the students into pairs. Handout 3 - 1 for each pair. Fill in the first one. Demo "lives" on the Projected Board. Over emphasis LIVES and check to /z/ box.

Controlled Practice 2 (10 minutes) • To provide more examples of the pronunciation rules they were just exposed to

Work in pairs and fill out the chart. You have 5 minutes. Monitor but let them work it out themselves. Each pair has to come and write one on the board. For feedback: I will make sure they are all correct and have the students repeat after me - referencing if it's a /s/, /z/, or /iz/.

Freer practice (12 minutes) • Using the verbs that they came up with provide a freer practice of pronunciation and conjugation

Quickly draw a chart on the board with columns "Verb, he/she/it, /s/, /z/, /iz/" Demo one of the words from the poster on the board. Call a volunteer from Orange/Brown or white group. Pick one verb from their corresponding list. Have the team help them fill it in. If they get it right together they get a point. Hopefully everyone will have a chance to go.

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